Post 1650: more Andy and Dougy from the memory stick archive…


Proof that Andy isn’t always the “nice” kitty boy…!


Clockwise from left: Andy tends to his “precious”; Andy is a pretty kitty; Andy finds the catnip.


Dougy poses nicely; Dougy enjoys the sun while lounging in his – well, Andy’s – grey plastic tub. Yeah, Dougy took the first one for himself. I bought a second one for Andy, and Dougy claimed that one, too!

andy and louie

Taking photos of black cats in low light is difficult, yet it is possible to make purses out of those sow’s ears. Here is an impressionistic portrait of Andy with the framed Captain Me-Ow (the late Louie the ginger cat) picture behind him. 


Yet another fake poster! This time, it’s Andy. Yes, he is very adamant and inflexible about his kitty treat time~! 


Dougy in a box, of course. No box too small, tall, thin, large for this kitty boy! This is the box my laptop came in. 

andy chases rats

RAWR! People might try to rub his tummy to get their way in Congress, but he’d kill their hand! Feed him kitty treats, though, he might cave in. Catnip? Forget about it! He’d sell his own brother for it!


Not a kitty photo, but one of the coolest postage stamps I’ve ever seen.

dutch cow

Of course, this Dutch postage stamp with the leaping cow with outlines of EU countries for spots, flying wooden shoes, tulips, and ribbons in the Dutch national colors is pretty cool, too!

21 thoughts on “Post 1650: more Andy and Dougy from the memory stick archive…

  1. Black kitties can indeed be a challenge to photograph, but you always get such good pictures of Andy and Dougy. The impressionistic picture of Andy with Louie’s portrait is quite striking!

    • That he was! He would have been about six weeks and a couple days old in that photo. while he was a bit young, he got lots of support because of a convincing campaign to send those rats scurrying! He’s 43 (in human years) now, and should run in Nebraska’s 3rd District since he has a real thing about the fellow currently hold the office!

    • He looks really cute when he’s in that or the plastic flamingo tub. He gets really pleased looks on his face!

      Mon ami qui habite à Paris m’a envoyé une lettre avec ce cachet de château dessus. Il a été annulé à la poste avec sept ou huit annulations. Il a également été endommagé (déchiré) à plusieurs endroits par le timbre d’annulation. Depuis que j’ai donné des timbres internationaux, j’ai été envoyé par la poste à un jeune fils d’un ami, j’ai été déçu que ce timbre ait été ruiné par le greffier postal de Paris.

      Je l’ai mentionné à mon ami à Paris dans la lettre de retour. Il a dit que le greffier était contrarié par lui parce qu’il voulait utiliser un timbre-poste sur la lettre au lieu de laisser son utilisation d’une machine à affranchir pour imprimer les frais de port sur l’enveloppe, une façon plus rapide de faire le travail. J’ai été étonné le greffier était une merde immature qu’il ne pouvait pas être un homme d’avoir à faire son travail! (We have a clerk at our post office just like that!)

      I wish I had visited more in your country when I was there. The parts I saw were so beautiful!

        • And we change, too. I rarely use the post office when I can save 49 cents a letter in country by using email! International mail to your country is $1.15 (.93 euro) an ounce (about 28.4 grams). The last time I was at the post office to buy stamps, the clerk who used to act like she hated to sell stamps was very friendly and congenial. I didn’t believe it!

  2. An excellent photo Journal! When I look at your kitty boys I am reminded of what my 7 year old neighbor, Lisa, says about cats “There is absolutely nothing cuter then a kitty! Yes puppies are cute but cats are cuter.”👍👍

    • It’s a wash in my book. Puppies are a bit more huggable sooner. Kittens are so small and vulnerable. Also, they take a little time to get used to the idea that they shouldn’t climb people with their little claws!

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