Post 1795: Must be kitty food time!


I wake up to a cluster of hungry kitty boys. Andy’s above me on the recliner back , where I fell asleep watching news and slept last night. Dougy’s watching me surreptitiously (?) from the stacked kitty carriers, just in case I make a move toward the kitchen. Yes, it must be kitty food time, and the kitty boys want to be as close to me as possible! 


Some readers were alarmed Dougy didn’t or doesn’t get his fair share of kitty food and treats. Don’t worry! I keep track of Andy, the little piggy, and make sure Dougy gets special “make up” plates of kitty food if Andy pigs out on the first plate or put out extra kitty treats if Andy hits the treats and leaves Dougy out. 


9 thoughts on “Post 1795: Must be kitty food time!

    • Dougy’s inclined to claw my knee for the same reason. Andy is more discreet, but he makes a “I’m never given food. Feed me now!” yowl as soon as he sees I have the plate with food prepared.

    • She’s a lovely cat and she always spends time in the window at regular times. For one thing, her humans both work, and she waits in the window for them when she knows they are coming home!

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