Post 2117: never enough Andy…


There never seems to be enough Andy on this blog.

IMG_20190616_080750 (1)

I try to catch him for photos, but…


…Andy is shy! As soon as he sees me about to take his photos, he usually hops up and takes off.


“Bye bye!” Andy disappeared shortly after I took this GIF.





23 thoughts on “Post 2117: never enough Andy…

  1. The boys are both beautiful cats, Doug. It is good to see more of Andy, too, when he cooperates. 🙂

    I’ll be catching up with your older posts later his week. June is going by in a whirlwind!

    • Yes, I can’t believe how fast the month has passed by.
      The kitty boys say to tell you “Meow!” They both are pretty – pretty vain about their fine looks! LOL!

      I try to find Andy in potential photo opportunities, but he is shy, as frequently noted!

    • I think he must ration his image (my opportunities to take it!) so we appreciate tnhem more. Dougy’s such an attention hog he over extends his presence on the blog. LOL!

    • I try not to use flash because that’s why cats frequently become camera shy. That flash must be really uncomfortable for their highly sensitive eyes!

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