Post 1336: …a surprise for Andy!

I have no idea where Dougy was hiding. Andy didn’t either and was yowling for Dougy to come play, the only time he meows with any volume at all. He’s a “soft-meowed” kitty!


I felt sorry for Andy. Dougy ignored his call to play and Andy ran around the apartment trying to find something to do. Or someone to do it with!

So, I prepared a surprise for Andy, poor kitty! He ran into the front room, clearly headed to check out the guest bedroom for Dougy. Halfway in, he came to an abrupt stop!


Slowly, he approached the surprise…

Yes! I stopped responding to comments to you, the readers, to turn the laptop over to Andy to watch videos for kitties.

Dougy who?? Andy enjoyed a few minutes of videos, then ran off to take a catnap on some dirty clothes piled by the washing machine. It’s a kitty cat thing!

Post 1330: breakfast at 1:00 AM…

Daylight Savings Time change is a miserable time for me. The kitty boys want breakfast some time between 1:00 AM and 1:30 AM. In the Spring time change, then, they pester me to get up and feed them at a time my body still regards as between 12:00 midnight to 12:30 AM. More about this later….

Though I don’t get up that early to feed them, they come around to pester me till I give in. Dougy walks around and over me, swishing his tail on my face, kneading my shoulder. Andy just sits there by the bed, staring, staring, staring. Creepy! Then I give in and get up.

This will go on for a few weeks till we all adjust to the stupid change that doesn’t benefit us in any way.


Yesterday, Andy ate first and Dougy snoozed in the guest bedroom.

When the kitty boys don’t eat at the same time, the cat eating first tends to eat all of the kitty food, leaving none for his brother. Then I have to prepare a second meal as soon as the last-to-eat kitty finally makes his entrance. The first-to-eat kitty has to be discouraged from eating again so the last-to-eat kitty gets a meal. This is a common problem during the transition to Daylight Savings Time.

This morning, both kitties were in the kitchen waiting for me to wash their dishes so I could feed them. When I put the kitty food out, Andy held back while  Dougy pigged out on the two servings.

Things continue to be messed up! Andy must have eaten some dry food when it was stomach time to have kitty food. He eventually ate some wet food.

Makes no sense. Wouldn’t cats used to eating sometime between 1:00 AM and 1:30 AM during standard time be eating sometime between 2:00 AM and 2:30 AM after the change to Daylight Savings Time? I’m too tired to figure it out.


Post 1328: cat trap…

Trapping Andy for his medicine involves knowledge of what catches his interest, where he sleeps, what his weaknesses are.

Andy hinted strongly he wanted kitty videos, or, at least, he didn’t react much with wand toys, my first guess. So I set up a fail proof Andy trap: sheets of random paper on the floor and the laptop with a bird video running.


Ah ha! The kitty approaches!

Kitty “horns” up (last photo). We are very interested…and unaware of our surroundings!IMG_20170309_234343 (1)

Rats! It’s the wrong kitty! Dougy makes an appearance.

But  Andy showed up, too. Only he is at a safe distance away from the hand waiting to snatch him up and dose him with medicine!

Clever kitty. I’ll catch you yet!


Post 1316: after lunch, we go find a place to rest…

Andy and Dougy eat from the same plate most days, but other days they take turns at the plate. Regardless, they always take time to clean up afterwards, then take  a rest.


Andy ate first today, then sat on the cottonwood slice. “Where to go? Where to go”

Oops! Here comes Dougy! Andy hopes he keeps on moving. Andy moves on while the getting is good!

Andy ends up on the PC, a favorite high perch, and Dougy climbs onto the kitty buggy, which he likes for his high spot. Now they can clean up in peace!

Post 1315: Andy’s fine day, Part 4…

We finally conclude Andy’s fine day. When I left you, there was a surprise coup at the new box.



Yes, Andy took the box from Dougy! It happened so fast I couldn’t keep up with it. Dougy ran off to the dining area, but Andy enjoyed the spot he held first, the new box.

Dougy comes back, but Andy doesn’t pay attention to him. He has new attractions to explore!

 Dougy, being a naughty kitty, finds something to occupy his time, too. Bad kitty!

In the meantime, Andy returns briefly to the new box, where I give him a good nose rub.


Andy likes this a lot!


Is this the end of Andy’s fine day?

You kidding? Andy hints at what he wants next…


Yes, it’s kitty food time, hint, hint!  Andy stands by the dry food bag, but that’s not what’s on his mind.

Dougy wanders off to his afternoon nap, but Andy has to do one more thing before he takes his: climb on the table! BAD KITTY! Someone’s watching his naughty brother for suggestions on how to be bad!


 I called this Andy’s fine day, but there was lots of fun for Dougy, too. I know you need to know that.

Post 1313: Andy’s fine day, Part 2

Dougy showed up at the new box just when Andy began to enjoy the peace and quiet (that is, “lack of Dougy”) that allowed him a casual bath in this contested spot.



To review where we are in the story… ~ “Uh oh…DOUGY!

Yes, Dougy would show up at this very moment. He’d been taking his midday nap and it was time for him to explore for something to do. Hmm. There’s Andy in the new box. Dougy does what Dougy does: He challenges Andy for control of the new box!

Andy gives the box to Dougy with little more than a mutual sniff exchanged between the two. Good kitties! Of course, it has a lot to do with another opportunity. Andy saw the bag over by the little desk, and it needs exploration!

If you’ve followed this blog very long, you know that Andy’s “hiding” in the last photo. LOL! Many the times I’ve trapped Andy to give him his medicine when he “hid” under the guest bedroom bed but left his tail hanging out!

That warm day in February was very busy, I fear. I will have to leave my tale hanging out, but I’m not hiding.

To be continued tomorrow!

Post 1309: Dougy misunderstood…

When I turned on the television, Dougy thought he was about to see birdies. 

Not this time. I believe in sitting through presidential speeches and press conferences, no matter what. This time it was – the speech in Florida – the one that sounded like a campaign speech for 2020.

[Groan!!! Put a bullet through my head. Now!



“Where are the birdies?!”


Somebody’s kitty is not happy.


Dougy’s Plan B. Worked for me, too.

Post 1304: Something’s missing here!

Andy and Dougy don’t ask for much, and they give a lot back. BUT, they do expect some things on demand!



Dougy hinted broadly what he wanted. “Mrow…. Mrow….”

Gotcha, Douglas! You need a morning “scritch”!img_20170214_033006

Andy, on the other hand, was in no mood for a good “scritching”.


He turned his back on me. I barely could reach him, then he ran away!

Post 1292: I finally caught Andy to give him medicine…

Yesterday, Andy was especially cagey avoiding capture for his medicine. Then, when he did get captured, he resisted. I warned him about what was to come!


“Where’s that kitty??” I just didn’t know. (As far as Andy was concerned, at least, and you know from yesterday he thinks he’s hiding under the bed even though his tail’s hanging out in plain sight!)

Hee! Hee! Now all I have to do is wait till he gets tired watching me, then the cat is mine!

I caught him, but Andy put up a lot of resistance. “I’ll have to make you into a kitty burrito if you don’t settle down, Andy. Be a good boy!


Yes. Kitty burrito time for Andy! He was not happy, but he got his medicine…and his “good boy” treat, though he knew and I knew he hadn’t been a good boy!






Post 1281: Dougy watches “My Cat From Hell”…

I don’t know if Dougy picks up bad behaviors from watching Jackson Galaxy’s “My Cat From Hell”, but he did do a “butt drag” on the carpet after watching an episode of the bad kitty program the other day. Bad kitty!