Post 1336: …a surprise for Andy!

I have no idea where Dougy was hiding. Andy didn’t either and was yowling for Dougy to come play, the only time he meows with any volume at all. He’s a “soft-meowed” kitty!


I felt sorry for Andy. Dougy ignored his call to play and Andy ran around the apartment trying to find something to do. Or someone to do it with!

So, I prepared a surprise for Andy, poor kitty! He ran into the front room, clearly headed to check out the guest bedroom for Dougy. Halfway in, he came to an abrupt stop!


Slowly, he approached the surprise…

Yes! I stopped responding to comments to you, the readers, to turn the laptop over to Andy to watch videos for kitties.

Dougy who?? Andy enjoyed a few minutes of videos, then ran off to take a catnap on some dirty clothes piled by the washing machine. It’s a kitty cat thing!

20 thoughts on “Post 1336: …a surprise for Andy!

  1. So your cats hide on each other too? Marcus and Nano wander around howling when their buddy Lucio doesn’t come out to play. He’s getting older now too, and lets the other boys goad him for a while, but eventually he gives them a good run for it. Sometimes they are sorry they found Lucio, and woke him up! 🙂

    • Yes, though Andy always is the one who yowls to get Dougy to come. I don’t recall ever hearing Dougy do it, though he will go on a stalk to find his brother to play.

    • Andy even watches regular television if there’s los of action, o news is his least favorite people television. Dougy watches a bi of kitty television, but gets bored mostly. Both like “My Cat from Hell” with Jackson Galaxy.

  2. I used to have a cat who tried to catch a hang glider upside down from the top of the TV. That was when the TV’s were thicker and the screens smaller.

    • LOL! Yeah! I once saw Andy try to get on top on the thin tv in the front room, and I thought I’d see dollars falling over before he decided he didn’t want to try hanging on to such a thin spot! Today’s kitties don’t know what a wonderful place tops of old-fashioned televisions were! (I can imagine what your kitty looked like trying to get that hang glider! LOL!)

        • That can be a problem. My neighbor has that problem and her doctor recommended a puppy instead, one that doesn’t shed or cause reactions in her.

          Charlie is a really cute little rascal! I forget what breeds h is a mix of, though shih tzu s one. I should do blog on m some day! Of course, he is such a wiggly, active puppy at this point, my photos probably would all be blurs. LOL!

    • Since the are indoor cats, they need fun things to keep them happy. That can mean play time with them or hiding treats around the house, or something as simple as letting them sniff me when I return from being gone. They love “learning” what I’ve been up to by sniffing me!

  3. What a thoughtful person you are. So cute Andy watching the videos. Same here in the laudry and housekeeping department.

    • I owe them that much since I get a lot out of writing about them and taking photos and videos of them for this blog and Facebook. As for housekeeping, part of it is fatigue associated with dialysis, but mostly it is laziness. LOL!

  4. Sleeping on piles of dirty clothes, yes that is a kitty thing. Piles of dirty clothes? Evidently Doug, that is a you and me thing. Have a great Sunday, you and the boyz. ps you’ll find Dougy soon enough. ~~dru~~

    • With just one person dirtying the clothes, it takes a week or so to accumulate enough to wash. I confess to less than acceptable housekeeping practices! (Who’s going to complain! LOL!)

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