Post 1020: A big day for the kitties…

Yesterday was a big day for the kitty brothers. I bought a new washer/dryer, and the men from the store delivered and installed it in the afternoon. Let’s say the excitement involved strangers in the house, though a fly got in when the door was open. That’s hours of entertainment for the boys!

The boys also got a gift package from The Canadian Cats blog’s Jean. That got them wound up again! The toys are a hit, but they are chow hounds. When I opened the kitty treats, they got very interested!

I set the toys aside until the men finished installing the washer/dryer, and gave the boys some of the kitty treats, which they scarfed down! Thank you, Jean. Much appreciated!

I moved the cat tree out of the road so they could move the opld washer/dryer out and the new one in. Andy (floor) and Dougy made sure they saw what was going on in the other room...but from afar!

I moved the cat tree out of the road so they could move the old washer/dryer out and the new one in. Andy (floor) and Dougy made sure they saw what was going on in the other room…but from afar!

Just because the boys were watching the men in the other room didn't give Dougy permission (from Andy) to be on the cat tree....!

Just because the boys were watching the men in the other room didn’t give Dougy permission (from Andy) to be on the cat tree….! Andy chased Dougy off the tree moments after this was taken.

Later, on the computer desk, Andy has some catnip. Dougy decides to check it out, too.

Later, on the computer desk, Andy has some catnip.
Dougy decides to check it out, too.

Sweet little Andy got growly with his brother. Don't take it personally, Dougy. Ity was the catnip talking!

Sweet little Andy got growly with his brother.
Don’t take it personally, Dougy. It was the catnip talking!


52 thoughts on “Post 1020: A big day for the kitties…

  1. They are watching the men 🙂 my cat escapes and hides when someone comes to home, and then I look for her. Every time she finds a new place to hide 🙂 Welcome to new machine… The photographs of your love cats are so nice, Blessing and Happiness to you all. Thank you, Love, nia

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  2. I would have to close the door to my flat if I got a new washing machine delivered – my tom would not go anywhere near the person delivering it – but my female couldl sneak out of the flat. So doors are closed when somebody comes in to do something about kitchen or bathroom.

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  3. Mr. M would be hiding in a box with strangers in the house… unless they brought more boxes…
    Purrseidon would practically be sitting on top of them, trying to see how to install the washer – she is totally into anything that involves water.

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      • Purrseidon loves water, no ifs ands or buts. Mr. M, on the other paw, doesn’t even like to drink, which is a continual battle because when he gets super stubborn, he starts getting renal issues…


      • We ‘catnapped’ Purrseidon when she was about a month old – she was feral and not doing well… Mr. M was also a feral, but he was already an adult, so it took about 5 years to convince him to move in… that was about 5 years ago, so he is somewhere ‘north’ of ten, but those first years were rough ones and that is when his drinking issues probably began.


      • That’s pretty brave of you to take on two feral cats over time! I imagine Purrseidon (one of the best cat names I’ve ever seen!) was easier since she was in need and a kitten, but it had to have taken considerable patience to win over Mr. M. I doubt I could have done what you did!

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      • Yes, it took patience, but he was worth it. Saphera was running wild when first spotted, too. In fact, she was running by the interstate and at first glance, she could have been mistaken for a polar bear cub. Upon capture, we realized she had a broken tail and a few other minor injuries. She is the one that it’s been the most difficult to ‘win over’. To this day, she is super shy, but she adores babies, sticky, pulling fingers and all. Unfortunately, she isn’t particularly fond of most adults, particularly ones who have dark skin. We assume these prejudices of hers have something to do with the broken tail.


      • Wouldn’t it be wonderful to be able to ask the questions you have of pets found running feral or in pounds?! Louie was such a well-behaved cat, I often wondered if he’d been some experienced cat owner’s cat at some time. No one ever showed up claiming him (thankfully!), but I regretted never knowing him from kittenhood.

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    • I guarantee they love, love, love the toys! I left them out where they can play with them at will, and they reappear in different places each time I look, a good sign they play with them at will, too!


      • We are so happy Doug…The treats are Shoko and Kali’s favourite…tyhey do things they normally would turn their noses up if I asked without these treats. Shoko got in the stroller the first time when I threw these treats in the stroller. Have a good day my friend.


      • I believe you! The kitty boys ate them right up. Being cats, they don’t waste time letting you know if they like a food or not. Right now, I’m dealing with a wet food that they loved until I reordered it. Different lot, different something, but it no longer suits my little princes!.


      • Isn’t that a pain in the butt!! The girls will gobble down the wet food one day and not care for it the next day. I have been trying some of the wet foods in the pet store thinking they will help Kali with her health problems and give Shoko energy….like she really needs more energy! No go….we always go back to Fancy Feast. hehe


      • Mine love a brand others swear cats won’t eat, and turn up their noses at the premium wet food. I could deal with it, but I add L-Lysine to it for the benefit of Dougy, specifically, and indirectly, Andy. Cats!


      • You got that right Doug! Hubby never really cared for cats before we were married and they have always been my best friends. I notice hubby is getting so he chatters at them, asks them questions and points out that we can’t get that kind of food cause Shoko won’t eat it. He’s changed a lot. Of course, that’s what 45 years married life will do. hehe


    • Dougy would do the same if it was one of his special spots, believe it!

      Yes, that was very nice of Jean! The boys have been playing with the toys off and on since they came. They are soft toys, so I’;m letting them have them out at all times. ()I go barefoot a lot, so hard toys get put up!)


    • That it was! It turned out there was more than one fly got in, saomething I was less pleased with than the boys!

      I want to read the manual first before I try the washer/dryer, but it looks like it will serve me well.


    • Naturally! Ha! They are definitely spoiled.

      I really enjoy your blog, incidentally, and highly recommend anyone reading this check it out. Of course, they can right-click on the text to bring up the translate option if they aren’t able to read Dutch, but it is well worth it! (I do this though German is similar enough to help me figure out a small percent of it, Dutch is unique enough that I just think I can read most of it! Ha! French, on the other hand, I can read a larger part of because there are lots of French-derived words in English. OF course, I guess a lot from context, so i don’t kid myself to suggest I actually know much French.)


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