Post 1167: Andy poses nicely…

On this quiet morning, Andy poses nicely on the arm of the “cat highway”  – you know…the recliner.


Here’s a long shot of the same moment:

10116 andy on chair arm.jpg

Andy takes a good photo. (I think he is very handsome!)

38 thoughts on “Post 1167: Andy poses nicely…

  1. After following you for a while, I never realized why you were called Weggie Boy… all kinds of things came to my imagination. I just read your bio and now understand. What a thing to be dealing with. I count my blessings every day for my general good health. Of course, cats are the best for keeping your spirits up. Mine keep me amused every day. Best wishes to you.

      • When I first saw your avatar, I originally thought you had two Norwegian Forest Cats. The are known as “Wegies”, and I have seen a few spelling variation of that. It took a visit to your site to learn the origin of the name.

        • Yes, and that’s the “nice” alternative meaning people take! I wouldn’t have used this particular nickname had I known about he potential confusion. By the time I realized what could happen, it was too late.

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