Post 1168: Andy rips it up…

I occasionally forget to pay attention to whether my printer is set up to catch papers coming out. Bad mistake! Andy pays attention every time and if the printer’s pooping pages onto the floor…Andy’s right there! 


Andy guards the pile he’s already begun to trash, chew, and pose on…!

10216 andy rests on crime.jpg

“Am I being watched?”  Andy knows he’s being a bad boy, I think.

10216 and checks for being spotted.jpg

Woo hoo! Andy gets to it! He “sorts” the pages.

10216 andy at it 3.jpg

> rip! rip! rip! <

10216 andy ripping up paper.jpg

Andy is in a frenzy!

10216 andy ripping up paper2.jpg

“What?! What? What’s wrong?” Andy  protests his innocence.

10216 what me.jpg

Yeah. Innocent in a pile of shredded paper! 

10216 andy looks up from crime.jpg

Heck! I can print it out again! Can’t… Resist… That… Kitty… Face….!

10216 andy looks up.jpg

Oh dear! Once again I succumb to the wiles of my kitties. They can do no wrong, no matter how naughty. It’s the eyes, I tell you. The EYES!!!


28 thoughts on “Post 1168: Andy rips it up…

    • LOL! Andy does seem like to brighter of the two. He’s a more thoughtful, shy kitty than his brother Dougy. As for reading the print out, it was a compilation of lies of one of the two presidential candidates, so shredding the print out may be his expression of who he’d vote for (or against) if he weren’t a mere kitty cat!

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  1. What is it about paper? I leave a stack of VIPs (very important papers….1st mistake) by the printer; not ones that have fallen on the floor AND there he is Colton is laying directly at their center and ruffling the ends. Next (after i leave the room for a minute…2nd mistake) I returned to the sound of scratching and shredding. Finally, (3rd mistake which I don’t make as often) if I don’t pick up the scraps and pieces…he delightful old man that he is…shits on ’em.

    One day I’m gonna kill him; really i will! ~~dru~~

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    • Woo hoo! I think you just answered the Big Question! (I feel lucky that Andy wasn’t carrying a “load” at that moment or he would have told me why then and there, too. I’ll never see this behavior quite the same again!


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