Post 1332: “He casts a long shadow.”

One might speak of an important or significant person that he casts a long shadow. Andy mrows me that the same applies to minor international celebrity kitty cats, of which breed “His Highness” realizes he is!


Andy is “kool“!

And don’t you forget it!


I’ve had a few entries for the kitty contest, and the rules (which are as flexible as they have to be to assure someone wins the first prize…) now are that the winner is the one who submits the most correct answers first.

So far, the best entry is 14 correct out of 16 Andy photos. You may not know if you can top that unless you submit an entry! I will let you know how well you did as soon as I see your entry in my gmails, so you won’t have to wait till the contest is over.


14 thoughts on “Post 1332: “He casts a long shadow.”

  1. What is the saying…”cast a long shadow and have your shadow carry a big stick. MOL Oh well, what do you expect, I’m a cat and don’t remember these silly quotes. MOL

    This contest is so funny Doug. Was the clever person with 14 out of 16, you Doug?


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