Post 1333: That darn Dougy…!

I pamper the kitty boys, really spoil them, and what do they do? Dougy, anyway? Never Andy, though, because I named him after the patron saint of Scotland and apostle, St. Andrew and he is a really good kitty boy…? Take a look! You will be scandalized, too!


Dougy looks, um, restless to Andy. Is that a hint of “kitty horns” he sees…?


Andy is suspicious. He knows his brother well. If he weren’t such a good kitty boy, he’d bet his brother is about to be naughty, very naughty…! 


Dougy gets up. He’s about to get his “bad kitty” on, and it will be…


…naughty, very naughty!!!


Andy is incredulous! Dougy just scratched on the recliner! No “good kitty” treats for him today.


30 thoughts on “Post 1333: That darn Dougy…!

    • I am fascinated by their behavior. Though I am no Jane Goodall, nor are they chimpanzees, OI sometimes feel I am a naturalist observing and documenting their exotic behavior. I never had cats till I was in my 60’s, and they still fascinate me in the eight years I’ve been a “cat person”! Thanks for your wise comment, Michel!

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    • He’s making a statement when he does this sort of thing, too, like, “When are you going to feed me kitty food?” or “I want to play and you sit there on the laptop ignoring me!” or such. When I’m not upsetting him, he uses the many scratch posts stationed around the place. This is to say, when he is naughty, he is being petulant!

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    • You know it, Bacon! (Doug says, “Mrow…!” He thought that was a delightful allusion to what a naughty cat wants to do. He didn’t know pot-bellied piggies knew about that. I told him piggies at delightful, fun critters who are also very clever and intelligent. Of course you knew a cat would chuckle at the thought of the double mess of broken glass and water! Hee! Hee!

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