Post 1341: the kitty boys look forward to open doors…

Andy and Dougy love the warmer weather of the season because I open the doors to let in fresh air. Fresh air! Mmmm! Delicious! 

And an occasional accidental fly, miller, cricket, or spider wander in. Prey, you know! The kitty boys keep the place free of unwanted insects and arachnids. Fresh prey! Mmmm! Delicious!


There’s change in the air. A surprise in the flower bed out front caught me off guard – I didn’t plant it!IMG_20170321_123250

And the kitty boys were very interested in why I photographed these planters that were made in Crete. (I photographed them to show my friend Deborah what they look like.) I’m thinking about growing tomatoes in them this year. Maybe. IMG_20170321_131925IMG_20170321_131914

Later, the boys cleaned up at the “watering hole” after a light snack.

Not an exciting day, but a pleasant one just the same. Fresh air is the magic ingredient.

16 thoughts on “Post 1341: the kitty boys look forward to open doors…

  1. Fresh air is good for the soul. We have an enclosed porch for Max to get closer to the outdoors. It is time to retrain the “big cats” to let him out and in every five minutes. Love your volunteer flower.

    • Me, too! That was a big surprise. I suspect one of my neighbors gave me this little surprise when I wasn’t looking.

      I like screened porches. I’d sleep on mine if I had one. I suspect the kitty boys wouldn’t come into the house except to eat if I had a screened porch.

  2. My kitties long for window whiffies. It is only 35 degrees though so not today. Those planters will be perfect for tomatoes.

    • It’s still open door weather here during the day. This time of year, though, it isn’t unusual to get a late snow storm or cold snap, spo we are enjoying the fresh air as much and for as long as we can!

    • Dougy slinks toward the door. Andy is interested in what’s outside, but always stops at the door. Regardless, I do have to be aware of their presence when I’m at the door!

  3. Fresh air – I can’t wait!! Mom has been opening the front door lately but leaving the storm door closed/locked so we can see out. It’s been really interesting. Our neighbor has chickens that like to cross over to our front yard. Of course all of us go wild for different reasons – mine is because I see a two piece walking across the yard – snorts with piggy laughter. Ya’ll would love the happenings in our hood with the activity. Mom loves your pots. They are beautiful. XOXO – Bacon

    • Yes, I like those pots, too. They were very expensive when I bought them, but they’ve lasted well, served their purpose, and each year I have and use them, the total cost divided by the years of use proves they were worth the expense!

      As for the show outside your door, I know the kitty boys would love, love, love being there!

  4. It sounds like it was a wonderful day. Days with a lot of excitement unfortunately often seem to mean a catastrophe was at the root of it. Those planters have character. There are some bush varieties of tomatoes that would do well in them. Add a miniature basil and an oregano and you are all set for spaghetti sauce (if you like Italian, that is).

    • That’s a great idea! They are big enough that they’d support more than one basil plat. Oregano grows big enough that it might be better in a pot by itself, though it isn’t hardy enough to survive typical winters here. I have grown it inside with a grow light, and it does well. You’ve given me some things to think about. Love Italian, you bet!

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