Post 1398: cat tails…


I have to start somewhere, and this happens to be my favorite photo of the impressive tail of the late Louie the ginger cat.

Anyone with cats knows their tails are expressive. Louie the ginger cat had a proud, confident tail. This video, which many of you have seen before, shows the many tails of Louie and has a moral since I made the video for the young children of a friend.

Andy, too, has a fine tail!

Not to forget Dougy’s fine tail!

That brings us to the end of this tale. Have a fine Sunday!


24 thoughts on “Post 1398: cat tails…

  1. Louie was a handsome mancat, I am sorry you didn’t have more time with him. I enjoyed your story/video. That would make a nice children’s book.

    • It was meant for children, of course. The little girl and boy were Louie fans from seeing photos on videos of him, and their mother let me know that. The little boy sent me a toy kitty and I think that was what prompted the video for him and his little sister. They live in Germany. Louie was international, too!

  2. I love your Louie video. I really am sorry you lost him so soon. I realize I’ve seen it before but it’s not something I woould ever tire of. I guess it means I’m out of newcomer status now. Time flies.

    • That is for sure! The kitty brothers turn six years old on July 1st, which means it’s been six years since Louie died on August 1st. I like the video because it shows him as the confident, street-tough kitty he was, strutting around the neighborhood. Both Taco and Pepe have died, too, since this video was made. They were beautiful cat, though Taco had a rough life, thanks to negligent humans. Pepe, on the other hand, was much loved and cared for by an elderly widow who had him as a companion his whole life.

    • Very true. That was the main reason I got a cat (Freckles, then Louie) when I first retired. I anticipated being a recluse watching television all day if I didn’t have other activities to expand my activities and interests.

    • You are welcome! Though all were posted before through the years, there have been many new follows in the past year. I felt it was time to post these again to give a new group of people a chance to see some of my favorite cat tails!

    • That was Louie’s favorite hidey hole. Sadly enough, that was where I found him,dead, on August 1, 2011. I have no idea how he managed to climb that high in the end because he was so weak before evening the day before and didn’t water or drink anything the whole day. He was a sweet-natured, great kitty, and I still miss him.

  3. Louie was a handsome boy and had a handsome tail, as do Andy and Dougy. You have had the privilege of sharing your life with some handsome kitty boys. I am sorry Louie passed so soon but an grateful you have the boys with you.

    • Louie’s death a was a shock because he didn’t show signs of illness until his last day, and, by that time, the lymphoma had done its harm. Ironically, when I picked up his ashes, the lady who owned the kitty boys’ mother (and was a veterinarian technician where I took Louie, and, now, the kitty boys, for veterinary care) brought five week old Andy out and asked me if I’d like him as soon he was old enough to leave his mommy. One door closes and another opens up, eh?

        • That they are. I am in the habit of checking for lumps or other irregularities when I pet my kitty boys. I did the same with Louie, but the vet said the lymph gland that ruptured was on the underside of his spine, where I couldn’t have found it.

          • At 24 lbs, Louie was in the Galaxy Class of Cats, like my brother’s cat Rambo. Rambo was a grey and white, but their personalities sound very similar!

          • Tabbies are generally pretty agreeable cats in my experience, though I don’t know if that’s universal. My first exposure to huge tabby cats was my neighbors’ cat Woody. Woody was allowed to roam at will, and he generally spent a major part of his day sleeping or bird watching (heh! heh!) from a picnic table on our covered patio, a cat paradise he refused to share with his sister, Callie,m a beautiful calico cat.

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