Post 1450: brotherhood…

It started at birth, and continued from kittenhood.

Some behaviors started early….

They were close, best buddies…

…but they fought for my attention!

Mostly, they played together, snoozed together, and got along!

Brothers forever!






32 thoughts on “Post 1450: brotherhood…

    • Thank you. This time of year, his annual visit would barely be over, and, of course, the kitty boys (who really love, love, loved my brother because he was a lot of fun for kitties) and I really missed him this first year after his death.


    • Yes, some will be familiar, depending on how long someone’s followed this blog. The past year has been one of huge growth (more than doubled following), and I feel it helps the newer followers to get a bit of orientation to the kitty boys’ story to fully enjoy the blog.

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    • I have to agree. My brother died last December. In past years, he’d come from California around this time of year to visit me. I really miss him this time of year because we always had a great time playing with the kitty boys, talking, and just being brothers together.

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      • Those are wonderful videos of the boys, Doug. I am sorry you lost your brother. I am glad for all the good times you had together. Those memories are precious.

        Your brother has a spot in Elbert’s garden here.


      • I hope to be making videos again some day, though it doesn’t look like a thing soon to come about.

        Thank you. That memorial garden must be getting pretty big by now! Dick was a great brother to have and is missed very much this time of year, the time he usually came for his annual visit. The kitty boys loved him because he played with them and they had lots of fun while he was visiting.

        I know some of the videos have been posted before, but, as I told Dan, there’s been such a large increase in the people following this blog in the past year that I like to use the videos to bring the new ones up to date on the kitty boys.

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