Post 1607: Doug plays hard to get…


Dougy’s been pestering me to play “wand toy” with him, so I tried to play along. Now he is playing hard to get: “You didn’t stop everything and play right now, so I’m ignoring you!”

IMG_20180103_095954 (1)

Aw, Dougy! Andy’s incredulous! (and too close to the camera…)

Looking cute, but not getting into play that much yet.


“Dougley, Dougley, Dougley!” Andy can’t believe Dougy isn’t in the mood to play. I mean, it was his idea in the first place, right?!


Maybe he’ll play some more… or not.


Nope! Dougy headed over to the cat tree to enjoy the scene out the window. 


“Yer missing out on some hot fun, Dougy!” Andy sticks around to play “wand toy”!

Poor Dougy! While Andy took a long nap, Dougy stopped by the recliner several times to get “scritches” from Doug (the human) and to knead Doug’s arm, Dougy’s current happy place. (Ouch!) He took a nap after a short time on the cat tree. He needed it.

19 thoughts on “Post 1607: Doug plays hard to get…

    • That would be lots of fun for all! Andy and Dougy are a bit bigger than you (11-12 pounds range/ 5-5.4kg) if I remember right. Seems I read you are about 9 pounds/ 4.1kg. You looks so much like my kitty boys I sometimes mistake your photo for them! That is to say, you are a very pretty kitty!

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