Post 1784: bugged…


There’s a large bug that Andy and Dougy have been trying to catch since yesterday. It is almost like it taunts them, then magically disappears as soon as they get close to catching it. 

This morning, Dougy came really close to catching it, but when he swiped it with his paw, it fell behind the end table. 

The vigil continues. “One of these days,” says Dougy, “one of these days…!” 


43 thoughts on “Post 1784: bugged…

    • I leave bug control (such as it is here – not too many bugs) to the kitty boys since they are indoor kitties and don’t get the stimulation outdoor kitties get.

    • They haven’t managed to finish the big bug off, though they’ve caught it over and over. It could be they are playing with it, too. I know they will do that. Dougy caught it twice while I watched yesterday, but the bug got out from under his paw and flew to safety.

    • He caught it twice while I was watching, and the bug got away twice, too! They may be playing with the bug more than trying to catch it to kill (and eat?) it.

        • The kitty boys did that at kittens and caught an internal parasite that caused them to have diarrhea. I spent $1400 in veterinarian bills to deal with that problem in the first three and a half months I had them. That said, they (and Louie the ginger kitty I had before them) love, love, love grasshoppers , and they give kitties lots of entertainment by hopping to safety when the kitty makes an effort to catch them!

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