Post 1796: “You see Zoe?”

Andy’s kitty sense tingled. He was hiding under the computer desk when it happened. 

“Was ist los, Douglas?” he asked in Cattinese so the human wouldn’t understand kitty business was afoot. [Cattinese is based on the same roots as German, so the human understood a bit of the exchange… Just letting you know! And the question is posed in Cattineese exactly as in German – “What’s up, Douglas” colloquially speaking.]

Dougy encouraged Andy to come, quickly. He’d caught a glimpse of Zoe, the beautiful short-haired black kitty girl across the lane! 

“Woo hoo!” Dougy proclaimed, “She’s a beaut!” But Andy (on right) arrived too slowly. Zoe had left the window. He’d have to see our new neighbor later. Zoe makes window appearances regularly and several times a day!

“She’s worth the wait, Drew,” Dougy chortled. 


Peut-être que les garçons kitty [“kitty boys”] regardaient un défilé de la Bastille au lieu de chercher Zoe! A mes amis français, Joyeux 14 juillet!


22 thoughts on “Post 1796: “You see Zoe?”

    • Zoe is a very pretty kitty. I hope to meet her some day. Her humans both work, so I mostly see them coming from or going to work.

      I was a very poor student of German at the university, but it was sufficient to get me around in Germany and some other countries where ,to be subtle about it, I knew WWII-aged citizens sometimes knew German from occupation days, and that was the only langue-age we had in common. I was in Germany between July 1970-December 1972, where I was a US Army motion picture photographer. When did you live there? I remember some Canadian military forces there and one guy in my company was a Canadian who joined the US Army so he could go to Vietnam. Made no sense to us, but he volunteered to return three times. Of course, that was a time when our current president was getting his five deferments to avoid going once. He wasn’t alone.)

    • Woo hoo! And how! The kitty boys are pretty good around other animals, thanks to earlier exposure at the veterinarian’s.

    • Yes, medicine time goes smoothly as long as I remember to close Andy’s favorite hiding place, my bedroom, under the bed! I also learned the medicine goes down better if I squirt it in one measured squirt instead of bit by bit. It’s hard to describe, but the slower I do it, the more he spits out! Both are doing well!

  1. My departed pup, Jaz liked looking out the window so much I bought a day bed and put in front of the living room window…her favorite spot in all the house…..chuq

    • What a lucky pup! The window ledges in this duplex are kitty butt friendly, so they can comfortably watch the scene outside from them. My computer desk has a shelf that’s just right for kitties to recline and watch the best bird watching here, too.

    • I have to decide between letting them enjoy the outside through the screen or run the air conditioner so they (and I!) are comfortable, but any Zoe sighting overrides comfort. Ha!

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