Post 1802: early time…

We have breakfast then clean up and rest for a bit. It’s the habit, day after day. Now, to run down Andy to give him his medicine before he remembers he needs to hide from me.

Same terrorized look every time. Poor kitty! Then he gets his kitty treats, so he puts up with it! You can run, Andrew, but I know where you hide.

13 thoughts on “Post 1802: early time…

    • It’ll be in October when they get the updates on their rabies shots and have their regular check-up visit with their veterinarian

    • That is pretty much my understanding. Of course, the dosage may change depending on how his blood pressure looks in October, his next check up.

  1. Morning routine! Good ole Andy, I’m surprised he sticks around at all. Kali was the best one for pills etc. She would hang around until the minute you walk into the kitchen to get the med and then…she vanishes! She was always harder than heck to find but when I finally found her, she was quite good about her meds.


    • Same with Andy. It takes a but of strategy to assure the places he runs to are blocked, but once that’s done, he is a snap to catch!

    • Andy spends a certain part of his day acting paranoid. Or is it paranoia when there is reason to be distrustful??? Mwahahahaha!

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