Post 2124: king of the hill…


Dougy’s recent victories in the new box-ottoman-shredded paper nest “Kitty Civil War to Establish Total Control of the Southwest Corner of the Living Room” give him an exaggerated sense of being one tough kitty boy! Oh how the high and mighty will collapse under the weight of their hubris when they forget their origins!


Andy shall return. And he’s the smarter kitty boy! And their mom loved him best. He’s sure of that!

14 thoughts on “Post 2124: king of the hill…

    • It seems that’s true. Ironically, I agreed to take the kitten Dougy because he and his kitten brother played well together. LOL! The older Andy and Dougy mostly get along, but they have their moments.

  1. Marvelous photos of both boys! They are so cute, Dougie looks confident and Andy looks like he is up to something, the sly little guy! In these photos I can really see the differences in their faces.

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