Post 1177: Andy enjoys the Autumnal sun!

Andy is my sun lover. The sun coming in the computer desk window suits him just fine, and he’ll spend lots of time in this spot for as long as the sun comes in the window.


Sun! Andy loves it…101316 andy closeup in sun waking up.jpg

…a lot!101316 andy useme asleep.jpg

12 thoughts on “Post 1177: Andy enjoys the Autumnal sun!

  1. My little finch bird, “Booger” loves the sun too. She will sit on her perch in the direct rays just before it goes down for the evening and then she will watch as it settles over the horizon and then she will begin here night time round of hopping from food container to food container and then to her water dish and then to her mirror with the bell on it — she loves that mirror … she loves to peck on that bell and ring it. I miss “Sugar” who passed away recently but his Sister seems to have stopped mourning for now and has become the center of attention and I think she loves it!

    • You know it! I suspect the cold metal is unpleasant even to a Persian cat with all their fur. (I’m enjoying your posts about the end of season, start of Autumn in Amiens, Michel! And hello to your beautiful wife!)

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