Post 1206: Dougy and the shadow…

Dougy sprawled on his ottoman, hind legs askew. Nothing new there. Dougy does this all the time.111116-dougy-before-showing-cat-shadow

Except this time, his hind end made a shadow of a kitty head! (Sort of….) 111116-dougys-kittycat-shadow


My friend Deborah e-mailed me this follow up to yesterday’s blog post memorializing her cat Serena:

Thanks for putting together and publishing the memorial to Serena, Doug.  It means a lot to me.  Of course I still miss her terribly as does Charles.  She and André hardly ever interacted although they did have a few whole house chases.


Serena (behind Charles) by the door. André on the left.

I hope your readers will not start worrying every time their cat throws up.  She always had a sensitive stomach and now that I know she likely had a genetic disposition for her disease it explains that better.  I think the main thing I have learned is to watch for increased thirst, although there is little anyone can do so maybe even that just takes away from the enjoyment of life with one’s feline.

8 thoughts on “Post 1206: Dougy and the shadow…

  1. Those are sweet pictures of Dougy!

    Serena gets some perennials planted here for her. Update on Elbert’s garden – that one got some tall Dutch iris bulbs and daffodils added this fall. I hope to have some good pictures this spring.

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