Post 1504: Andy minds his business; Dougy does not!

Andy minds his own business. The recliner footrest is free and Dougy isn’t around.


Kind of nice!


Uh oh…Dougy just showed up!


Dougy chases Andy into the guest bedroom…because! (No reason Andy or I can fathom. Isn’t there plenty of space between the ottoman and recliner?)

Dougy’s back and he’s watching for Andy. No more of this intruding on “Dougy space” today!

Just in case, Dougy takes his “Andy watch” over to the recliner.

Dun dun dunhhh!

26 thoughts on “Post 1504: Andy minds his business; Dougy does not!

    • Andy can give it back pretty effectively, too. There are times, though, when I think they are getting a bit too rough. I clap my hands to break the “spell”, and they go back to being sweet kitty=ies again!

  1. They do have their dominant ways…your living room is their property to share so the machismo rears its head. I get a large charge out of their antics and which is whose property. BTW, the closeup of Andy is spectacular. Such an adorable face. Kali is over the possessive part and will give Soko something if she wants it but finally, Shoko is realizing Kali has seniority and she is bowing out.


    • I never learned which of the kitty boys was born first, but I think Dougy may have an advantage in that he looks bigger than his brother because he is fluffier, and he actually is a more muscular kitty. Andy, on the other hand, can be pretty scrappy when Dougy gets too big for his fur coat!

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