Post 1570: a slow day in Kittyville…then it heats up

Not much happening inside, so Andy diverts his attention…

…outside. Birds in the happy fir tree? Andy hopes so!

Later, Andy and I played with the tear strip off the kitty boys’ dry food bag. It holds incredible fascination for Andy, who sometimes holds back when playing. Not with this “toy”! Mrow! Andy had so much fun, Dougy came running from the guest bedroom to play, too!

[This is Dougy’s “I’m ready to pounce” look.]

I tried putting the tear strip away – in a big medicine bottle because they want to chew on the strip, which is plastic – but Andy and Dougy think it is so much fun, they are very upset with me for even thinking of ending the fun. 


14 thoughts on “Post 1570: a slow day in Kittyville…then it heats up

  1. I want to play! Andy you & I would have such great fun, ’cause I like to play with those strips, too! Like your papa, my mom puts them away after playtime so I don’t eat them. Tee hee hee! They just don’t understand how fun it is to chew plasties (that’s what I call them)!

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