Post 2316: Dougy gets his, part 2…

Andy returns after the encounter with Dougy shooed him out of the new box. First, he checks to make certain Dougy is elsewhere doing his “kitty things”. Good! No Dougy in sight!

It’s been fun but Andy’s had enough of it for today…

…so he heads back to the top of the stacked carriers. That’s where he wants to be anyway.


Remember how Andy vowed to make sure Dougy got his in post 2015: Dougy gets his, part 1? Dougy never showed up to discover he just got his, courtesy of brother Andrew~! You can be sure, though, he will sniff evidence of Andy’s revenge the next time he hops in the new box!


15 thoughts on “Post 2316: Dougy gets his, part 2…

  1. Would be fun to see what would happen if there were two identical boxes. Either they’d still squabble, or each would claim his own, and there’d be peace.

    • Anne, I know from experience that they would both want the same box in that situation! After sorting it out, they realize they both can have a box, which returns peace in the valley!

    • I’m not sure what the attraction is for this particular box over others, yet it has been a major issue between the kitty boys this week…. I note, though, the newness is wearing off and there are fewer squabbles over it.

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