Post 2317: a test of will power…


Neither Andy nor Dougy seems to “own” the new box. So today, Dougy takes it, with Andy watching from one of his favorite spots, the end table.


Yes, Dougy definitely likes the new box. Andy surely isn’t happy about that.


Surprisingly, though, he watches quietly while Dougy claims the new box for a long stay.

Then, Dougy leaves the new box to snooze on his ottoman. Andy stops by the new box briefly to sniff around.  That done, he hops onto his other favorite spot, the stacked carriers. Andy determines it’s… 


…time for a cat nap. Here’s wee Andrew snoozing under the watchful gaze of a photo of Dougy in another box. Such irony because…

…here he is, the little sneak! While Andy dozes…


…Dougy hops into the new box for a deep snooze. The moral of the story: Don’t sleep on guard duty, at least while Dougy’s around!




8 thoughts on “Post 2317: a test of will power…

    • The only one who sleeps soundly here is old Abby, who will be 18 in April. Everyone else has an eye cracked open or an ear trained for the possibility of food bowls coming out of the cabinet. 🙂

      • Yes, the old “There is a Possibility of Food if I Sleep with On Eye Cracked Open” game! Andy takes it to a new level with his “Follow Doug into the Kitchen and Meow Piteously in a Soft, Kittenish Tone so He Maybe Forgets He just Fed Me and Will Feed Me again” game. Never has worked in eight-plus years, but there’s always hope!

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