Post 1190: Andy relaxes on the recliner…

Dougy wandered off to sleep off his morning kitty food, and Andy used this Dougy-free time to make use of the much disputed recliner for kitty purposes.

Yes, it was clean up and nap time for Andy!


Of course, Andy knew he still needed to be vigilant….!102616 but andy knows be vigilant.jpg

But cleaning up after kitty food time is necessary, too.102616 no useme andy cleans.jpg

Ah! Time to relax a bit!102616 andy in relaxed state.jpg

But he realized he hadn’t cleaned his precious yet. “Must.Clean.Precious!”102616 nomming his precious.jpg

Relaxing again.102616 really use me andy cleans.jpg

Very sleepy now…102616 use me getting sleepy andy.jpg

My kitty boy takes a nap!  102616 useme sleeping andy.jpg

Andy enjoyed his recliner time. Dougy never showed up to take it away from him. 

19 thoughts on “Post 1190: Andy relaxes on the recliner…

    • That it does! I can’t imagine how I got along without kitties in my life. I didn’t have my first one until I retired in 2009. Before that, when I was a child, I always had dogs.

    • Amazingly so, Shoko! I’m sure you go through the same business with Kali that Andy does with his brother!

      Incidentally, I hope other cat lovers follow your blog because you and Kali are two very beautiful kitties, and your blog id one of my favorites to follow! Andy and Dougy told me to tell you “Mewow!” I guess they like it, too!

      • Oh my yes!! Kali is such a fink too. She screams like a crazy feline if I come toward her with that certain twinkle in my eye. Sisters!

        We are so happy you are following us and maybe get a chuckle from our adventures. Andy and Dougy are such handsome dudes….please tell them I send a big “mmrow” to those guys.


    • After two days of Dougy trying to take the recliner and (mostly) succeeding, Andy had enough. He waited on the arm of the recliner, and when Dougy hopped over from his ottoman and planted himself on the recliner’s seat, Andy challenged him to a fight! If you’ve ever seen cats banging away at each other like boxers, you can imagine the fight that ensued! Andy was higher than Dougy, had a mechanical advantage over Dougy, who soon gave up and ran into the kitchen. Andy had the recliner to himself!

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