Post 1197: a slow start to the day…

Andy took advantage of Dougy being out of  the room to enjoy a snooze on the recliner arm. He barely noticed when Dougy strolled by to do whatever kitty boys do in the guest bedroom. (Probably to look out the window.) 


A pleasant snooze.110116-andy-dozes

Dougy strolls by.110116-dougy-marches-out

Andy barely notices.110116-andy-looks-away

Later, Dougy came back out and chased Andy off the recliner, of course, but things were quiet here for a short time!

While Dougy “held” the seat of the recliner, Andy hid behind the glider. He hadn’t had his medicine yet, and I amazed us both by just picking him up where he hid. (He usually scoots when he sees me coming to give him medicine….!)

He was a very good boy when I gave him his medicine, then he enjoyed his catnip-flavored kitty treats. 

12 thoughts on “Post 1197: a slow start to the day…

    • That is was. Andy actually is very sweet (an vulnerable) when I’m holding him for his medicine. The worst guff he gives me is to make an occasional protest meow, softly, under his breath!

  1. Cats are more difficult to train. And some dogs. Mostly the lap dogs. Because they are small and cute. At least some of them are. And they can be obnoxious and they really think they are big dogs.

    • There’s a guy on YouTube with orange tabby cats who trains his cats to obey voice commands, and I am always amazed to see how well they DO obey him! think training cats must involve considerably more patience than I have.

        • When I decided after retirement to have a pet, something that wasn’t possible when I was working, I weighed the qualities of dogs versus cats. Since I live in a duplex in a retirement complex, quiet cats won out.

          I still like dogs, but, to be honest, the other people in this duplex has a chihuahua that barks at me every time when I come or go, and I have a pet peeve about overly territorial dogs having endured years of a neighbor’s dog that charged me every morning when I was leaving for work, teeth bared and in an attack mode.

          The neighbor, a very nice person, always called her dog off me, but I swore to myself I’d defend myself up to the point of killing that dog if it bit me! I’ve never felt that way about any other animal.

          • LOL! I tend to agree, though I think most of the problem is owners who don’t have a clue how to turn problem dogs into good neighbors. (…says a guy who has one cat that destroyed a settee because the guy never managed to properly train the cat to be a good boy! Mea culpa!)

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