Post 1210: “What’s the matter, Dougy?”

Kitties get jealous, too. I try to spread the loving between Andy and Dougy in equal portions, especially when I see one or the other kitty gets in a snit.


“What’s the matter, Dougy?”111516-was-ist-los-dougy

Andy loves, loves, loves to have his chin scratched!111516-andy-gets-scritched-1

Oh, he sees me “scritching” Andy’s chin….!111516-dougy-answers

Not to worry. After I saw Dougy watching me “scritching” Andy’s chin, I “scritched” Dougy’s ears, his favorite.

26 thoughts on “Post 1210: “What’s the matter, Dougy?”

  1. It’s funny when people say that cats are aloof. Anyone who has been around them knows that most of them love attention and get jealous if they see another cat getting “their” share of it.

    • That is for sure! Andy and Dougy occasionally get in snits because the other one’s getting “skritiching” while they are not. I try to spread the “skritching” around, especially if I see a jealous kitty standing in the background!

  2. Great photos of the boys, Doug!

    Try scritching 9 chins as fast as you can…it’s hard work keeping all 9 feeling loved and with proper access to the humans. Example – Marcus is Lucio’s sidekick, but if I am petting Lucio and Marcus comes up and wants a pet, Lucio cuffs him on the head, gently. Marcus understands and comes back later, or maintains a respectful distance until Lucio has had enough. 🙂

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