Post 1210: “What’s the matter, Dougy?”

Kitties get jealous, too. I try to spread the loving between Andy and Dougy in equal portions, especially when I see one or the other kitty gets in a snit.


“What’s the matter, Dougy?”111516-was-ist-los-dougy

Andy loves, loves, loves to have his chin scratched!111516-andy-gets-scritched-1

Oh, he sees me “scritching” Andy’s chin….!111516-dougy-answers

Not to worry. After I saw Dougy watching me “scritching” Andy’s chin, I “scritched” Dougy’s ears, his favorite.


26 thoughts on “Post 1210: “What’s the matter, Dougy?”

    • That is for sure! Andy and Dougy occasionally get in snits because the other one’s getting “skritiching” while they are not. I try to spread the “skritching” around, especially if I see a jealous kitty standing in the background!

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  1. Awwww – They just don’t want to share their Daddy! 😺 I’ve missed reading your blog (and all my favorites)- things have gotten crazy around here with the humans getting ready fur the new creature!! 🙀


  2. Great photos of the boys, Doug!

    Try scritching 9 chins as fast as you can…it’s hard work keeping all 9 feeling loved and with proper access to the humans. Example – Marcus is Lucio’s sidekick, but if I am petting Lucio and Marcus comes up and wants a pet, Lucio cuffs him on the head, gently. Marcus understands and comes back later, or maintains a respectful distance until Lucio has had enough. 🙂


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