Post 1211: …pooped!

I guess it is no surprise. Cats spend practically the whole day dozing, snoozing, sleeping, resting, snuggling down, um, you know! They are pretty much meat loaves! Lovable meat loaves, granted. But meat loaves!

That said, Dougy insists on wand toy games after a nice meal of kitty food, which is now served at 12:30 AM instead of 1:30 AM since kitty stomachs give no recognition to Daylight Savings Time.


Dougy’s losing interest in wand toy games…Burst_Cover_GIF_Action_110973681762644.gif

…and it looks like he has a new plan.IMG_20161115_023652 (1).jpg

Ooopsie daisy!IMG_20161115_023653 (1).jpg

Zzzzzzzzz….IMG_20161115_022640 (1).jpg

 I guess that takes care of the rest of the day. LOL!

15 thoughts on “Post 1211: …pooped!

  1. hahaha cute cat. Kind of he says” I’m a cat. What did you expect? “lol “Of course i am gonna pick a small 23 hours nap, then i am gonna eat, poo, and then if you are not sleeping i might wanna play….I SAID MIGHT!!!!! lol now I am gonna sleep” 🙂

    • Bonjour à vous! Je suis heureux que vous me suivait parce que cela me conduit à votre beau blog! J’aime les choses françaises, et vous les montrer, magnifiquement, dans votre blog, que je recommande à tous ceux qui lisent ce commentaire!

      Et donc, Dougy montre largesses considérables Quand il vient à me laisser jouer avec lui, le nourrir, tolérer ses mauvais moments de minou, etc. Donc, oui, je devrais le laisser dormir 23 heures par jour!

      Good afternoon to you! I’m glad you followed me because it lead me to your beautiful blog! I love things French, and you show them, beautifully, in your blog, which I recommend to anyone reading this comment!

      And so, Dougy shows considerable largesse when it comes to letting me play with him, feed him, tolerate his bad kitty moments, etc. So, yes, i should let him sleep 23 hours a day!

    • LOL! Exactement! Et Dougy, qui est né le 1er juillet 2011, a un estomac qui est réglé sur l’heure d’été. Maintenant qu’il est temps standard à nouveau, son estomac est une heure plus tôt. Au lieu de me réveiller à 1h30 pour jouer et «nourrir les chatons», il me réveille à 12h30.

      LOL! Exactly! And Dougy, who was born on July 1st, 2011, has a stomach that is set on daylight savings time. Now that it is standard time again, his stomach is one hour early. Instead of waking me at 1:30 AM to play and “feed the kitties”, he wakes me at 12:30 AM.

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