Post 1399: Dougy on the hunt…

Shhh! In this fuzzy photo, I captured the intrepid Dougy on the hunt for the tasty peacock feather! He didn’t take much interest in this end, but…

…when I presented it shaft first, he got his kitty on! RAWR! But…

 …he became a lion once he hid behind the comforter!


4 thoughts on “Post 1399: Dougy on the hunt…

    • Maybe it’s the “eye” on the other end…? I’ve wondered about their preference for the other end. Andy sometimes plays a little, then goes back to kitty business, but when I present the pointy end of the peacock feather, he becomes a wild animal, attacking, mouthing, biting the darn thing. Dougy is pretty much that way in play anyway because he is really into getting his kitty on!


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