Post 1401: Even the weeds bring us cheer…!

Don’t know what to call it, but it grows among the the thistles that have invaded and conquered most of the front flower bed (sic).

Dougy couldn’t care less. He’s enjoying his old favorite, the flamingo-colored tub!


Andy, on the other hand, likes the “real” flowers best.

A weed by any other name…is a flower. I like the yellow one best of all!IMG_20170522_111127

Here’s a better look at the yellow rose bush flowers. See why I love, love, love this rose!

22 thoughts on “Post 1401: Even the weeds bring us cheer…!

  1. I agree with you , Doug, a weed,before all, is a flower and has its place in the natural equilibrium . BTW I wonder also what is this yellow asteraceae . I would have to search .
    About Dougy I can be sure he loves the tub but without water in it ! 🙂
    In friendship

    • I am tolerant of weeds in the garden because they help build the soil when they decompose and to keep the soil loose with their roots while alive. Plant pests oftentimes like the taste of weeds as much as the plants I’m growing for food.

      The weed is meadow salsify or other names. Here’s a link to more information:

      You are right: Dougy HATES water! Andy, on the other hand, likes to watch me take showers. Though he doesn’t like it when a drop of water lands on him, he comes up to me to see what all that water running off me is all about when I step out of the shower. strange kitty!

    • Amy, it is a lovely light, clean scent. It reminds me of what a greenhouse smells like, herbal but slightly floral. I’ve never been a fan of heavy-scented flowers like peonies, though they are OK in the yard. Anyway, thanks! You can’t miss with this rose!

    • Thanks! I am amazed what good photos I can get with my smart phone! I doubt I will ever go back to using the point-and-shoot Nikon again because it is simple to email my photos to my laptop, and it seems like every time Microsoft updates their OS, I have to go through hoops and hell to re-establish a way to download photos from the camera to the editor. No problem that way with the smart phone, however. (Yet…!!!)

    • No, the thistle has a small purple flower. You are lucky if the thistle never blooms because they are a noxious weed. (The foliage is attractive, I think, but the landlord could be fined for not dealing with it or the field bindweed.)

    • I should take a picture of the lawn here! Same situation! I personally regard grass as a weed, too, having spent hours and hours digging it out of flower beds and gardens in my time.

  2. Getting rid of those thistles would be a bug—. Someone told me…that we can be fined if we let thistles go wild in our yards because they are classified as a noxious weed. I’ve had thistles…without such a pretty flower though. I can’t see how they can enforce this law or bylaw. Are they going to get out of their car and look through everyone’s garden? Only in Canada, I say.


    • Same here, Jean. The yellow flower is meadow salsify (Tragopogon pratensis – common names Jack-go-to-bed-at-noon,[1] meadow salsify, showy goat’s-beard or meadow goat’s-beard). You have to look closely to see the thin, spiky foliage behind the flower. The thistle has the wider spiky foliage reminiscent of holly typical of that type plant. You are right about enforcement. One of the people we elect in this county is a weed control officer, but I think he or she basically patrols farmer fields for the noxious weeds. I don’t know what authority the weed control officer has to fine/arrest/tase/shoot/apprehend/jail offenders. I suspect none of the above except cite the farmer of rancher, then what? Canada isn’t the only place, Jean, and the specific thistle they call out is Canada thistle. I don’t think this thistle is that one, though it is weedy and noxious!

    • I think so, too! It’s on a rather plain stalk with spiky leaves, and the flower forms something like a small dandelion at maturity. That is to say, it spreads nicely!

      • I have seen that yellow flower here too, and cannot think of the name of it. The yellow rose with dewdrops is outstanding! And of course, the boys are always outstanding. 🙂

        • I took the photo after a light rainstorm, though I hadn’t noticed the raindrops till I brought the photo up on my laptop. I’d like to say I did it on purpose, but it was a total accident! I can’t say that I’ve ever heard anyone call that yellow weed flower anything, but I’d grow it on purpose if it weren’t weedy. I think the flower is very attractive, if short-lived.

          I googled “weeds with yellow flowers” and actually came up with these names of it:

          “Tragopogon pratensis (common names Jack-go-to-bed-at-noon, meadow salsify, showy goat’s-beard or meadow goat’s-beard)….”

          …and this entry:

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