Post 1402: “kitty treat time”..!

No doubt about it, Andy and Dougy love “kitty treat time”! Any time I go into the kitchen, they think it must be “kitty treat time”. Sometimes it is.

Dougy finished first, then stayed to clean his whiskers. Andy moved over to where Dougy was to finish what he left. Andy is a real “chow hound”! Hee! Hee! 

20 thoughts on “Post 1402: “kitty treat time”..!

    • Thanks! As you can imagine, as hairy as Persian kitties are, they get pretty messed up eating. The kitty boys spend lots of time getting clean up after treats and meals.

    • They are looking for a little cat treat called “Greenies”. The treat is a bite-sized biscuit-like food flavored with chicken or catnip, of those I give them, and many other flavors that I don’t feed them because Andy has some food allergies.

    • As Andy and Dougy say, “Any time is treat time!” I remind them it’s only some times because they’d eat treats all day long if I put them out! I think you have the best system, Annet: set up a treat account, and let the doggies withdraw a few at a time! Kitty kisses from Andy and dougy to Ms. Zuklu and Benji, their favorite woofies!

    • Yes, and I just ordered more in fact! The kitty boys always get some daily. If they beg during the day, I might give them a tiny number just to give them, um, a treat, but the instructions on the package say to limit the daily total to 18 pieces. Wr don’t want chubby kitties!

    • Ha! Ha! This is soooo true! I try to make sure the treats are rationed so the kitty boys don’t get chubby. They are approaching their sixth birthday (On Canada Day – for my Canadian friends! – or July 1st), so too many kitty treats are sure to put on the chubby cat fat more than when they were kittens. That said, they still expect something when I go into the kitchen.

    • How true! I split one of those wet food 3.5 ounce (about 100 grams) cans three ways, and serve one third to both kitties once in the morning and once in the afternoon. They have those Persian muzzles, so I kind of understand how it is hard to eat the whole thing, but two cats always leave about 1/5th of what I put out for them. It must be a kitty thing since Andy and Dougy are boys!

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