Post 1321: Andy’s a good kitty!

Andy can rip your heart out with his “Big Persian Kitty Eyes of Terror-Filled Resignation” that he puts on when he knows he’s about to get his daily dose of medicine.


Here’s some examples from the past of that heart-wrenching kitty response to getting mentally prepared for his medicine. Andy is in my arms, and his naughty brother Dougy is on the counter in the background:

Yeah, then total submission, though sometimes it requires swaddling him in a towel.


Of course, he always gets kitty treats afterwards, his reward for (usually) being a very good kitty during the ordeal.

Yes, Andy kind of likes medicine time. Maybe. Well, after I put out the treats!

16 thoughts on “Post 1321: Andy’s a good kitty!

  1. The medicine probably does taste bad in spite of the flavoring. Their sense of smell and taste is far superior to ours. They do eventually get used to the routine though (mostly). At our house it is tooth-brushing time everybody hides from. 🙂

    • Another issue Andy might have with it is temperature. Though it warms up little in the syringe by the time I talk with Andy and the other things it could well be unpleasantly cold. On the other hand, I shoot it into is mouth in short bursts so he doesn’t coke on the whole dose.

    • I don’t know…. Today, he was purring when I held him before giving him his medicine, and the other day he really surprised my by kneading on my arm, something he’s never done before. either he s suffering Stockholm Syndrome or he’s starting to recognize we are good buddies!

    • It helps take down the tension and replaces it with something he does like: Greenies! also, as noted elsewhere in the comments, today he actually was purring while I held him, talked with him, stroked his head and ears, and rubbed his nose prior to giving him the medicine. That’s a first! That’s what I hoped to get him to so he doesn’t get all wound up and frightened about the medicine. He still doesn’t like he medicine, but the time before and after getting it is pleasant for him1

  2. dood….we iz sorree bout de med iz cinz stuff…..ewe noe yur dad wood knot give em two ewe un lezz it waz total lee total lee nessa sarree …sorree it iz nessa sarree…….hope everee onez havin a flounder filled fryday ~~~~~ heerz two a slender snipe eel kinda week oh end ! ♥♥♥☺☺☺

    • The medicine must taste bad even though it’s flavored with chicken. Regardless, I always give Andy loving before hand, rubbing between his eyes (Persians can’t get there very easily, and my two love, love, love it), rubbing his cheek, and talking softly to him, saying “We gotta do it, Andy! We gotta do it!” Of course, treats follow!

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