Post 1322: Dang! Can’t a kitty watch videos?

Andy hints broadly that he wants to watch videos. I, of course, immediately stop everything I am doing and set him up for viewing.



Andy wants to be entertained!

I set the laptop up for viewing videos for kitties, and Andy has a little window of viewing pleasure…

Then, Dougy interrupts! Andy moves to another spot where Dougy won’t bother him, and I move the laptop to the end table. (Andy tries to get on the laptop to catch a bird, and knocks it off the end table before I get a photo of him watching the video in the new position…!)

Andy moves to the recliner, so I move the laptop again. Dougy comes back to his ottoman, but Andy feels secure enough to watch the video a bit longer before he hustles off for a light snack of dry kitty food.

Gad! Kitties sure can complicate simple activities, but Dougy didn’t approve of Andy being so close to his ottoman. You know. Boundaries!








21 thoughts on “Post 1322: Dang! Can’t a kitty watch videos?

  1. Maybe you need to get them their own computers to watch on, they make computers for kindergartens that are plastic padded & hard to break. BTW I love Nebraska’s flag!

    • You know, I think a tablet would e jus he thing for them. Great idea! I haven’t filed my income tax return yet, and should get money back. I think I’ll follow your suggestion. Or, as y u suggest, a computer for children might work eve better I do have wireless internet, and this would be easy to set up with limited (YouTube, cat game apps.) When it happens, Andy and Dougy will have to send you a thank you!

  2. That’s what the littlest Albino Flea does to me when the human tries to play with me- she comes crashing right in front of me like a flippin
    retarded rhino, and bumps me in the head and gets me all hissed and then suffers the consequences- or at least she would if that moron human of mine would quit clipping my claws! 😾

    • That’s a favorite place for Andy and Dougy, too. They have many windows to choose from, and especially like the one that looks out to a fir and a couple apple trees because the birds come around to those trees all year.

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