Post 1345: moving slowly on Monday…

I usually put my blog post together early in the morning. On good days, I have photos ready. On slow days, I have to wait till something, anything happens. Today is such a day.


Dougy watches while I edit the blog. “Slow” becomes “slowly”, which describes how the blog’s coming together as much as how the three of us are moving!IMG_20170327_023306

Andy watches Dougy doing nothing. In time, the two will have a vigorous chase through the apartment, but for now we’re moving in slow motion.

Monday drags on slowly!


18 thoughts on “Post 1345: moving slowly on Monday…

  1. Slow days are OK. Since winter ended, there won’t be any here on the farm for a while! Except for the cats, that is. 🙂 Good to see you and the boys having a slow, peaceful day. 🙂

  2. I understand this , Doug. there are days where nothing happens or almost and we have a lack of topic of idea to make a post . But I see you succeded . 🙂
    Im friendship

  3. Aw jeez – the weekend’s over? That means I have to go to the gym to get ride of all the calories I ate the past 2 1/2 days!!! Thanks a lot buddy!!

    • I hate dialysis after the weekend because we have to weigh in before the procedure, and all of the sins of the weekend show up. I know what you mean, GP!

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