Post 1199: kitty fishing…

No point in having kitties if you don’t engage them in wand toy games or other kitty-licious fun! So, before Dougy started whining for kitty fun, I decided today to fish for kitties. Well, “kitty”, because Andy was off having a little post medicine treat. (He came around later for kitty fun, so don’t worry! I play with both kitties.)


How long will it take for Dougy to notice?110316-dougy-1

Suspicious at last!110316-dougy-2

It’s a kitty-licious frenzy! RAWR!!!110316-dougy-3-rawr

Caught it!110316-dougy-4

The play continues until…110316-dougy-5-frenzy

Dougy’s sated.110316-dougy-6

It won’t be long, though, before he wants to play again, and I am ready.

26 thoughts on “Post 1199: kitty fishing…

  1. Ir’s funny what cats like. Mi Sun only like a wand tou and only for a little while. Cloud is indifferent to wand roys but pull out the laser dot and you’d think he was a golden retriever. Are they starting to get their winter coats? Their fur has looked great the last few posts.

    • Post 1201 (for today) shows that my kitty boys aren’t always thrilled to play with wand toys, either. They do have their favorites and they do get tired of even those sometimes.

      Yes, I think they are getting winter coats even though they are indoor cats. Of course, their hair grows very fast between their bi-monthly grooming sessions. I am tempted to try extending that to every three months.

      However, there are benefits to grooming.

      The primary reason I started having them groomed was to deal with poopy butts and impacted bowel movements that required sticking the affected cat in the bathroom sink filled part way with water and manually manipulating the poop out of the hair…. UGH! Getting the so-called “sanitary trim” helps a lot, plus I think they are cute as heck with the teddy bear cut.

    • Exactly! I try to attend to their demands, but they have days when they want to play (the most typical demand) more than usual. Dougy is very vocal about it. Andy just comes up from behind and puts both paws on my arm or leg (depending on whether I’m sitting or standing).

  2. To be purrfectly honest Doug…and who pray tell who is not?…I often wonder; who is “fishing” whom around there? ~~dru~~

    My poem entitled:
    Tummy Rub

    Just put your foot atop my tummy…
    I promise not to scratch.
    I just needz some rubbing mummie (in your case we’ll substitute “Dougy”
    Right there on that real soft patch.
    !!!AHA GOTCHA!!!
    Somez peoplez just neverz learnz.
    zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzpurr purr purrzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
    i slepz therefore i iz

    • Loved the poem! I used to scratch Andy’s tummy as a kitten, but he definitely did the four paw capture business after a short time. It’s only been recently that I’ve felt confident enough to try scratching his tummy again. Fortunately, now he doesn’t claw my hand because he likes his tummy scratched. Dougy’s always been more open to scratching his tummy.

      Yes, you are dead on about who is fishing whom, too!

    • Peut-être, bien que Andy est moins ludique que son frère. Il est mon minou sérieux, l’intellectuel!

      Perhaps, though Andy is less playful than his brother. He’s my serious kitty, the intellectual!

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