Post 1207: Andy observes a glorious Caturday!

What can I say? Leave it to a kitty to know how to observe Caturday! And today is Andy’s day to shine or glow, perhaps, in the morning sun.




28 thoughts on “Post 1207: Andy observes a glorious Caturday!

    • That’s the smoke Persian aspect that often is lost in photos and after he and Dougy have their haircuts at the groomer’s. It’s really quite stunning in real life, and I’m pleased when I manage to capture even a little of that beauty in a photo.


  1. Snoops and Kommando Kitty here – would the boys be interested in being interviewed for the December Cat Forum? We send the questions, they send the answers, and you send the pictures (at least 2 each). With a little luck it will run on Dec 10.


    • Sure! I’ve done these with Anarette’s two dogs, and she with my two cats, and we had great fun doing it! Of course, your kitties will need to do an interview, too! You can send the questions to me at

      I think I can meet that deadline at this point. The follow-up interview with Snoops (great name!) and Kommando Kitty (another great name!) may take a bit longer to work out, but I probably can work that in around the same time, too. That would be my preference anyway, since the two interviews will be related.

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