Post 1324: “Where’s Dougy?”

Andy and Dougy mostly play well together. They like to chase each other through the house, which I approve of since Persians can be, well, meatloaves, and any physical activity helps my kitty boys keep within the weight range their veterinarian recommends. They are fit!


“Where’s Dougy?” Andy wants to play.

Dougy's snoozing on the recliner back.

Dougy’s snoozing on the recliner back.

Andy looks in the comforter.... (Just his tail sticky out. See it?)

Andy looks in the comforter…. (Just his tail sticking out. See it?)

I try to get Dougy interested in play; in the meantime, Andy's gone off to sleep in the guest bedroom. a lazy day1

I try to get Dougy interested in play; in the meantime, Andy’s gone off to sleep in the guest bedroom. A lazy day!

12 thoughts on “Post 1324: “Where’s Dougy?”

    • They do chase each other. One thing they do that I think is sweet is Andy will be at one end of the apartment, and Dougy at the other. Andy will meow really loud (he has a soft meow otherwise). After a short time, Dougy comes running, and the two kitty boys chase each other back and forth through theapartment1

  1. The need to play has to be synchronized ! In the opposite case we get a lazy day like that 🙂
    I like the yellow color of the cats ‘ eyes . Is there a special name for that color?
    In frienship

    • Andy’s eyes are just what you call them: yellow! As for playing together, they usually get some time together during the day, though they both have their patterns of sleep, eating, and play.

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