Post 1198: I learn from my kitties…

Just a week left before the election, and the kitty boys and I will be glad it’s over. I bet you will be, too. I voted on October 12th by mail, so I have been done with it since then. But it still is in the news. Ugh!

That’s why I am glad I have my kitty boys around. They have basic needs and wants: FEED ME! NOW! MINE! PET ME! LET’S PLAY! They are cute, so I excuse their shouting, and attending to their needs reminds me of the order of the world and how we will survive this election cycle.

Heck, I’m a member of the atomic bomb children of the 1950’s: The US Government told us we could survive an atomic bomb by ducking under our school desks and covering our heads!  (Take a look at the video if you doubt me. > smirk <)


Andy has the right idea. Find your happy spot…110216 use me andy birds.jpg

…relax, and watch the world go by!110216 use me andy bird watches.jpg

Hope you have a wonderful day! I will follow Andy’s example and purge the negativity from my system. 

36 thoughts on “Post 1198: I learn from my kitties…

  1. I remember being told to get under the desk in case of nuclear attack. Wouldn’t have done much good, but I guess they had to tell us to do something!

    I can’t wait until the election season is over.

    • I’m glad I have medical procedures to occupy most of my day tomorrow. Then, finally, it will be over. I agree. This has been the least positive, nastiest election I can recall, and I swear I will never vote for any candidate who duplicates this nastiness.

  2. We are watching from far away and keeping our fingers crossed for you Americans! May the Orange One slink back in the shadows. We’ve also been hiding under desks here while bombs were falling… Not a pleasant experience. No one should have to go through that. It has to stop. 💚

  3. I share your feelings about the election and I remember those drills. Even as a kid I knew it was bogus. I am more tolerant of conspiracy theorists to this day, the covernments of the world do in fact lie.

  4. I remember duck and cover…..I was oh so little. I haven’t thought of that for a long time. We didn’t have duck and cover in Germany though…I never really thought of why we didn’t. I just liked the idea that we didn’t.

    I’m even getting tired of your election. I like following American politics but not this election. I’ve heard very little about the issues and what each candidate would do to change things. Nothing but mud slinging back and forth. A real disappointment.


    • You got that right, Jean. If you heard one rant (either side) you heard them all. I watched all three presidential debates, and was disappointed that I heard very little of value. It was a very disappointing election (having voted October 12th by mail, it is done for me), with two very flawed candidates.

      I suspect the reason “duck and cover” didn’t apply in Germany is it was so close to the Soviet-controlled DDR that a military attack on Germany would happen so fast (with missiles) that no one could possible react. Wasn’t that the basic premise for having NATO forces in Germany anyway? It wasn’t an occupation force any longer, it was meant to create a psychological barrier to attacking Western Europe, knowing the Americans had nuclear-tipped ICBM’s aimed at every major Soviet city.

  5. Hey Doug we voted for Clinton too and just feel she has more experience dealign with the things that concern us, and well, I will bite my tongue about the other candidate, except saying he offends me
    Washington is a mail in state and we voted mid October.
    We have a guinea pig now who is quite entertaining along with our birds, not as dear to us as Ali was, but no other animals will ever be. We spend a lot of time at hone choosing what we allow to flow in through the tv and internet.
    I am afraid of the future for all of us no matter how is elected but not as afraid as I would be if Trump were to get in.

    • I’m in the same boat, Ruth. Even if Clinton wins, as polls suggest is still likely (if by a smaller margin), Congress is still likely to continue the obstructionist ways of the Obama years. Frankly, I changed my voter registration from Republican to “uncommitted” several years ago because no longer recognized the Republican party as a legitimate political party after they McConnell promise to do everything it could to make sure Obama was a one term president, then did! No honor in that party.

  6. You are there living election time, and waiting for the result… I hope and wish it would be the best for you all. Good Luck America. In here, there are so many things happening, and I try to keep away from all these happening, otherwise I can lose my mind. Really. They took some of journalists again into custody. What’s right? What’s wrong? Who is right? Who is wrong? Really everything in a big confusion now. But they create especially… So, I am with my Princess, between my own walls and my cable world, I try to make myself happy. I don’t read news and I don’t watch TV news too. There is nothing to do I can do against them. Anyway, but this is clear, whoever wins the election in there, it would be important for us, for my country. God be with all of us dear WB, I hope a better future waiting for us, more peace, more beauties, Thank you, kisses for your kitties, Love, nia

    • Thanks, Nia! I am aware of the volatility of the situation there, and that is one that affects many countries, including mine. I can’t imagine the Republican candidate handling that delicate situation, which will require well-informed, subtle minds to unwind. My prayers for your country, too! We all are in that area’s mess together. I can appreciate not reading or listening to the news, as well. It just reminds one that mere people are trying to solve issues it will take divine help to resolve. (Make sure all those kitties you photograph are happy and getting all the friendly attention you can give them! I really enjoy seeing the cats of Istanbul, they are such beauties! Also, I think my cats’ ancestors came from that part of the world.)

    • Clinton. Neither was wonderful, but she, at least, has the intelligence and direct experience in government at that level not to get us f’ing blown up with nuclear bombs since she has much more finesse and understanding of world issues. Her approach to domestic issues is a better match than the other one’s too, though I probably would be happiest with Sanders instead. The orange one barely understands the issues and seems unlikely to spend any time learning what he needs to run the country, which isn’t anything like running a business.

      • Shhh, there is a reason that I did not ASK who you voted for – there is something like voting secret, Doug!!

        I just hoped it was the right person … and yes, I have to agree, it was a choice between the devil and the deep blue sea.
        I will not comment on your choice, for the reason A) you have made your choice and B) I am not really entitled to comment on this, I am not a voter!
        But that much – I am glad in a choice between red and blue you did not vote for orange 😉

        • You are right. I am not obligated to say who I voted for. I am, however, glad I voted the way I did.

          I disagree, however, that you have no say. My late Dutch friend, Elbert, used to say he felt everyone in the world should get to vote in the US presidential elections because everyone in the world is affected, for good or ill, by the choice of the American electorate.

          I agree with him: Everyone in the world does have every right to comment on the choice, whether they have a vote or not.

          I also agree that the choice wasn’t between red and blue, but also orange. He is an aberration. Republicans as recently as Ronald Reagan wouldn’t recognize that fellow as one of their own because of his nationalistic bizarre stands.

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