Post 1224: guess he told me…!

What can I say? I know Dougy is very possessive of the stupid ottoman, yet I regularly upset him by transgressing in ways only he understands!

As best I can tell, the transgression this time was I put his kitty toy down on the ottoman for a moment so I could change channels on the television. Ooops! Kitty boy is really upset!


Dougy rips at the ottoman with his “Ferocious Terroristic Mad Claws of Death, Destruction, and Retribution”. Yes, I forgot and dared intrude on his space!112816 dougy says my ottoman use me.jpg

Dougy uses his claws to signal other moods or concerns. You may remember this photo where he tries to get me to side with him in a dispute over the recliner between Dougy and Andy. That time is was his “Pathetic Pleading Paws of Petulant Pouty Pettiness” in action!IMG_20161009_160548.jpg

(Hmm. Looks like that was before I did some vacuuming….! So it goes.)

Then there was this time. Dougy wanted to make the point that he could do what he wanted, whenever he wanted. Eventually, he destroyed that settee and it went to the landfill. Naughty cat! That time he used his “Nasty Naughty Pointy Toes of Perpetual Persian Insolence.” Most effective!dougy2_edited-2

Oh, the naughty behavior goes back to the beginning! I tried, but I was a terrible kitty father, and didn’t bend that twig well or hard enough to get the result I wanted! 

A video of the juvenile delinquent in making…

19 thoughts on “Post 1224: guess he told me…!

  1. The boys were (and still are) cute little devils! The Claws of Attention come out when they want something and are not getting it! Mr. Nano likes to claw at the back of my computer chair until I pick him up and put him in my lap.

  2. Reminds me when I took in four stray kittens and a mama cat. It was the most adorable time ever. I loved watching the four kittens play. Luckily the kittens all found a home. Mama cat Katja stayed with us until she died. She was so sweet, still miss her.

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