Post 1320: “Wake up! Wake up! It’s time for kitty food!”

Andy is slow to wake up, even when it is time for kitty food.


Like kitties do, Andy likes to sleep during the day. Come time for kitty food, I sometimes have to find him to wake him up so he gets his share of the wet kitty food. (Dry is available if he or Dougy miss out, but I like them to have some of both.)


Dozing, Andy wants to sleep though I tempt him by reminding him it’s kitty food time.

What a sleepy head!


…then he’s “ready for Freddie”! Yes, he runs ahead of me, making sure he knows where I am till he sees the plate with food!

40 thoughts on “Post 1320: “Wake up! Wake up! It’s time for kitty food!”

    • Practice! And has a narrower face, yellow eyes, and is shy. He has a slim build. Dougy has a more typically broad Persian face, orangey-brown eyes, and is more extroverted. He is a stouter kitty in build. Some of this is easier to pick out when you see them in person. I try to identify them in photos since it is difficult to tell them apart sometimes otherwise. (Yes, sometimes I get it wrong, too!)

  1. haha…Around here Kali is the sleepy one but when she eats….look out….she eats everything in sight while Shoko takes a little and goes back to the wet food. Well, if kali is really hungry, there’s nothing to come back to….you walk away you have to wait for supper.


    • Andy’s my chow hound when it comes to the wet food. If Dougy isn’t there when I put it out, Andy digs in and completes it unless I hand carry Dougy to the plate so he gets a share.

  2. Unbelievable such a sleepy head, at my house they wake us up by threatening to bite our feet or tip over the dresser. Sleep ALL Day, yes but only if their humans are not asleep. Once we hit the sack it is wake up the humans time and should they get hungry…nibble on their toes for good measure. ~~dru~~

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