Post 1329: Sunday morning…

I’m moving slowly this morning. Haven’t given Andy his medicine or even “scratched” Dougy much. I’ve barely taken photos for a blog. So, I think this is a good day for some old home movies of the boys when they were kittens!


The kittens played well together, but some things were beyond control!

The kitties needed frequent baths at first because of a medical issue that caused diarrhea, not a happy time for either them or me.

The kitty boys were soooo cute when they were kittens!









25 thoughts on “Post 1329: Sunday morning…

  1. I somehow deleted the email of this post without reading it this morning. Just realized I hadn’t gotten my daily dose of cute, so I went looking for it. Besides filling me up with cute, the phrase “kitten logic” made me just giggle. Thank you.
    Good Sunday to you Doug and the boyz. ~~dru~~

    • I managed to miss posting yesterday because of a balky laptop (It was doing a root kit scan, I learned later, something it does without notifying me and which pretty much stops any activity on my part.) And I felt lazy this morning, so I was glad to have videos to take the lace of photos.

  2. Take care of yourself, Doug. I’ve had days like that recently too and just gave in and coddled myself. I for one am still catching up so reruns are great.

  3. So in the first video Andy is doing his manicure….I guess that is necessary for the cats, good to have nice sharp claws to climb trees and strike his brother.
    The second, you really give cats a bath? I actually bathed my bulldog today and it was quite the oddisey to keep her still, she is now sitting by me in a state of shock and I think I might have traumatise her, maybe I’ll have to take her to a psychologist. So don’t cats hate water? You torture them……
    The third, well they seem to torture each other.

    Fun videos.

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