Post 1335: Andy tried again today…

Andy managed to evade me all day yesterday and didn’t get his medicine. Today, my clever little bugger trapped himself him the north bathroom, where I just leaned over and picked him up! So much for his safe spot!


Andy, Andy, Andy! He is such a drama kitty when he knows he’s going to get his medicine! 

But he “gets it” that he gets his kitty treats afterwards, so he settles down so he can get the medicine, then the treats.

Dougy picks up on what’s happening, and makes his entrance so he gets some good kitty treats, too, though he hasn’t earned them.

Please notice in the photo where Dougy licks his chops that his “kitty horns” definitely are up!

26 thoughts on “Post 1335: Andy tried again today…

    • I feel so mean when I see that look! LOL! I’d always have long-haired cats because of the horns phenomenon. Makes me laugh every time! (It usually tells me “somebody” is planning something or already did it.)

    • If they didn’t warn me of havoc to come… No, they are cute! Short-haired cats wrinkle their foreheads when they are interested in something, but no horns appear. When long-haired cats do the same thing, they have these cute “kitty horns”! LOL!

    • I have to use strategy. I know there are spots where he thinks he’s save, but actually is easy to cath. The bathroom where I caught him that time is one suc place!

      • Sometimes, even there is not any medicine operation, she hides in the home. I get mad because I can never find her. She always improves where to hide and never learn where she was… she comes from somewhere… that I all checked the places… possibilities where she could be… 🙂 Cats are clever…

        • There have been times I tried o catch both kitties to take them to the groomer, and I’d catch one, but the other cat (now alert to my plan to catch him!) would hid so well, I swore the apartment was cat free!

          I usually schedule both cats for appointments at the same time. I had to reschedule a routine veterinarian’s appointment for Andy once when I couldn’t find him for one scheduled for both Any and Dougy. He didn’t get kitty treats for being a good boy that day!

          • …. 🙂 yours dfficult than mine… But we love them and they love us too. They are friend for us, usually I am alone during day and she is being my friend. God Bless them all, dear WB, love, nia

          • But he should go because his company takes place there for the exhibition and he is the general manager. He wanted me to go with him but it would be so boring to there for me… otherwise you know me, I take pictures in everywhere but not in electronic world 🙂 so I am at home with my lovely Princess!

          • You might alarm exhibition people taking photos of their things, especially if they knew your husband is a potential competitor! Yes, I see what you mean about staying home/

  1. The better the drama the more active your house is. Kali was scratching at her bald spot last night so I put the bandana back on. Kali was very annoyed and jumped down her stairs very quickly and she left the bedroom for the whole night. My name is MUD as far as she’s concerned.


  2. I still can’t tell them apart without the reference. Just when I think I see one distinct feature, I seem to see it in the other’s picture too. This is really beginning to frustrate and I think I’ll just got back to looking without “seeing”. Andy is a good boy though and in the licky face picture; I CAN see Dougy’s horns. I wait for the posts about the boyz each day. ~~dru~~

    • I appreciate you coming back daily! Now I better make sure I do come back daily! LOL! I do sometimes miss a day.

      It is much easier to tell them apart in real life, so don’t let yourself be frustrated!

    • Oui, il est mon petit naughty kitty! Mais il est aussi charmant, comme son frère, Andy. Merci, et je vais passer sur nos baisers!

      Yes, he’s my little naughty kitty! But he is very charming, too, as is his brother, Andy. Thank you, and I will pass on our kisses!

    • As noted, he always is so dramatic about being caught for his medicine. You’d think I was about to torture him or something! Then, once we sit down where I give him his medicine, he gets a “Oh well, whatever…!” look of resignation on his face, and oftentimes buries his face on my shoulder. Then he’s so cute and sweet! He’s my little baby then! I pet him a bit, rub his nose, and he softly purrs – probably to comfort himself! “We gotta do ir, Andy,” I tell him, then, with a little resistance, he has his medicine.

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