Post 1334: applesauce-blueberry pancakes and kitty mugs…

There are my personal Andy and Dougy mugs. I used them for coffee and mineral water this morning. Those were yummy applesauce -blueberry pancakes. Mmmm!

Just a reminder that the contest to identify Andy out of the 30 photos of Andy and Dougy is still on. It will end on March 21st, next Tuesday.

Further, a reminder that getting the most Andy’s right wins the Andy and Dougy mugs, but all bloggers who enter will get a review of their blogs on this blog. My hope is you possibly will gain a few readers through my reviews for your efforts, if not the mugs!

So far, I’ve received entries from eight people. Those who do blogs are excellent, fun bloggers, so I look forward to pumping up interest for their blogs, regardless of who wins!


Dougy wasn’t interested in being a pet this morning, so played at being a meatloaf.

Andy, however, was cautiously interested in my empty dishes, but decided pancake syrup isn’t kitty food.


27 thoughts on “Post 1334: applesauce-blueberry pancakes and kitty mugs…

      • No ,Doug my wife is not healed yet . She broke the bone just below the head of the humerus ( near the shoulder )and the muscles have been bruised . She goes twice per week to PT sessions and after thoses sessions the suffering is high . Perhaps we can see the healing toward June .
        However she makes progresses , slowly but surely .
        Thanks to ask

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  1. RYC :At first I thank you to tell me your talents of gardener . I did not know you were a true connoisseur with a lot of practice . Yes a soil has to be worked and improved in adding organic materials / You had perfectlty described the process of the fertilzation. . I confess I have been negligent for some years . But I am glad to meet a true gardener.
    In friendship

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  2. Well I’m still not participating but I’ve done some narrowing down. First one is a little brownish with the black. One has more of a lovely smush face and the other’s face is a little more pointy but dang if I can remember which has which. I’ll be interested to see the actual winner’s list or your answer key if nobody gets it entirely correct.

    See yah next Tuesday if no before boyz. ~~dru~~

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    • Andy has a more pointy face than Dougy and a bit more a red tit in his fur, though both have it. Andy has yellow eyes, and Dougy’s are more orangey-brown. Dougy claims the ottoman, and Andy prefers the shelf on the computer desk, typically hiding behind the all-in-one machine.

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    • I grew a stevia plant several years ago when it was a curiosity. Its leaf is incredibly sweet. (Of course I tried it!) It’s a much healthier sweetener than the rest, for sure. I suspect blueberries and just about any fruit could be used that same way, and I personally enjoy a bit of tartness to balance out the sweetness of syrup. You’ve given me something to think about. I’ve seen stevia-based sweetener in the store, and I certainly can benefit from using less, if any, sugar.

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      • Be sure to read the ingredients. Most of them have some other form of “bad” sweetener in them as well. I’ve found that only the Truvia brand is pure stevia. Did you know that stevia is the only sweetener (other than fruit) that doesn’t produce the glycemic response?

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