Post 1337: waiting, waiting, waiting…

You think being a kitty must be great stuff! Food on demand. A warm place to sleep. Toys. Videos for kitties. Yeah, life of Riley!

Then there’s the other side: you have to wait for the human to figure out what you want. Or worse. The human is deliberately ignoring you because you want something he thinks you shouldn’t have!


“Where’s Andy!?” The kitty boys had their morning wet food. Andy got his medicine and treats. Now Dougy wants his brother to play with him. (I think Andy decided to take a nap….)

Dougy gave up on Andy. Now it’s time to check out what the human has on his plate.

Rats! Nothing! Poor Dougy! This morning isn’t working out the way he hoped. Maybe it’s time to give in and take a nap. So he does. (later, the human and Dougy will have lots of kitty fun with the wand toy!)


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