Post 1222: so Andy comes and Dougy goes…

Andy and Dougy sometimes quarrel, just like brothers will do, but mostly they give each other space. Dougy knows the PC is Andy’s special spot, as is the mini-stereo, and the computer desk. That known, Dougy adjusts to Andy’s unexpected presence on the PC.


Man, is that fir tree buzzing with activity today! Dougy’s engrossed in a bird watching session…img_20161126_084210

…when he becomes aware of Andy!112716-hark-says-dougy

Yes, Andy came along to enjoy the warmth of the PC.112716-andy-hopped-on-computer-and

Andy’s surprised, too, that Dougy’s on the mini-stereo.112716-andy-realizes-doiugys-there

Oh well! Andy settles down on the PC!112718-andy-in-repose

Dougy decides to leave…112716-dougy-leaves

…and Andy watches as Dougy hops off the computer desk.112716-andy-in-sweet-pose

Conflict avoided!


21 thoughts on “Post 1222: so Andy comes and Dougy goes…

    • There is a great deal of truth to that, John! When I just posted thing about me and how I thought, I had close to zero readership. When i switched the theme to surviving retirement with two cats, well, the cats turned me into their propagandist, the blog took off, and and I’m chained to the computer to do their will!


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