Post 1012: “Oh! I have a webcam that I can use to take photos!”

It isn’t a fix so much as another way to do the same thing. Yes, I can’t use an camera’s memory gizmo to put photos on my computer just now. But…! But I can use my webcam! It puts photos and videos in strange places, but I usually find them eventually, just as I did today.

I am reasonably smart, yet it took me several days to fugure out my Logitech webcam is a reasonable substitute for my camera till I get the computer drive F. fixed....! Hmmm.

I am reasonably smart, yet it took me several days to figure out that my Logitech webcam is a reasonable substitute for my camera till I get the computer drive F. fixed….! Hmmm.

For example, today Dougy was watching birds (pine siskins) outside the back window….

Intensely interesting stuff, Dougy thinks. Snack-sized!

Intensely interesting stuff, Dougy thinks. Snack-sized!

Here the handsome boy is in a full frame shot.

Here the handsome boy is in a full frame shot.

He got a bit tired following all the action. You would, too!

He got a bit tired following all the action. You would, too!

In some respects, the webcam takes better photos than the camera. Bad light, for example, is less of an issue with the webcam. Happy days! I’m glad I remembered the webcam.


Post 1011: Jeez! Not something else wrong!

Now I’m having problems transferring photos from my camera memory card to the computer. I swear…! (And I have!) Nothing worked right once I got back, and the string of irritations continues. It’s a good thing I’m basically a happy person or I’d be crushed by circumstances by now. I will try to find an alternative way to do this task.

In the meantime, I guess it’s retro Andy and Dougy photos. A large part of the people following this blog haven’t seen most of the early photos, so I’ll put up a few of those till I work out this problem. (It seems to be the port on the computer since I can view the photos using the camera.)dougy outside

Dougy would like to be an outside cat. So many scents! So much to see and do! Unfortunately for him (and Andy), I don’t believe in letting pets roam.

In my neighborhood, there is relatively little traffic and it is moving between 10 and 15 mph. You only have to go a couple lanes over to the West to get to a major street with lots of fast traffic, however, and a bit farther East brings you to another fast traffic street. South a couple blocks, and you have a highway. Not good for cats or dogs.  andy on washer 120615 a

Andy used to like to sleep on the washer. Since I moved to the big bedroom, he prefers to sleep close by on an end table closest to where I am. That way he can feel safe and get an occasional scritching if I wake up in the night and see him there. He especially likes it when I scratch his neck and chin. Those cute little ears need scritching, too, and that really gets him purring!

Dougy comes around at night, too. He just stays long enough to get some loving and to knead my arm through the bedding. He’s purring the whole time from when he jumps on the bed till when he hops off. I don’t know for sure where he’s sleeping at night now but I suspect it is his old favorite, the top carrier of the two stacked by the recliner. It’s high, it’s protected, and it seems to be a perfect cat cave!

Post 1010: catching up takes time…

Thanks to Liz (maggie0019) and Chris (contrafactual), my blog increased from 750 or so followers to 777 while I was sick and recovering during my recent illness. Since I came back, the followership’s increased again to 789.

In past, I would thank people individually for following. I’ve been so caught up in getting back to normal at home and dealing with computer problems (password issues that kept me off WordPress, for example) that I’ve failed to do the appreciative thing, namely thank each and every new person to “follow” weggieboy’s blog. If you haven’t had a personal thank you from me for following this blog, please consider this your “thank you”!

andy jan2 16

And Andy’s in the bathroom sink enjoying a little skritching from me. That’s why they are called “Purr-sian” cats

dougy 4 120815.jpg crazy whiskers

How about those goofy whiskers?! Dougy’s face, gone wild.



Post 1009: I barely got here today…!

If it isn’t one thing, it’s another, eh?! I had password problems with yesterday WordPress afternoon and today. It wouldn’t accept my password or allow me to change it.

All I accomplished yesterday was raising my blood pressure and having the worst tantrum I’ve had in years. Doing the same thing over and over again today, I managed – I don’t know how….! – to change my password and get on this site. Turns out the reason Post 1008 did show up on Facebook (the problem I tried to get back on this site to figure out) was it still was in draft form.

Andy and Dougy both meowed their concern, not leaving me for a minute all morning. Scritching was not enough to satisfy them, though they appreciated the endless scritching I gave them, hoping to satisfy whatever need they had.41316 dougy on walker 3

Dougy had to sniff the walker to make sure Andy hadn’t been using it. (He had…!)41316 dougy on walker 2

Well, so Andy had been here. Dougy has it now, and it’s handy for watching the human.41316 andy on computer 1

Andy is on top of the computer in the meantime. 41316 andy on computer 2

All the better to watch the human!

Yes, I was being monitored closely today. If the UPS man hadn’t interrupted with a package delivery – “Oh boy! A new box!” – the kitty boys would still have me in their eyesight. Little do they know the box contains new water fountains for them.

Post 1008: Dougy ignores the territory of Andy… again!

Andy was elsewhere. Dougy came by the blue carrier and contemplated how nice it would be to get on top of the carrier again. Yesterday wasn’t enough!41216 dougy contemplates a snooze on blue carrier

“Don’t do it, Dougy. Andy is just around the corner.”

41216 dougy sneaks on blue carrier

You can tell a cat, but not much! OK, Dougy, just you wait till Andy sees this!

41216 andy on prowl

There he is. Andy! You’ll see what now, Douglas!

My pretty boy Andy!

Of course, Andy might just not give a hoot today. He hopped up on the computer desk for a snooze.

Post 1007: The kitty boys are back…in photos!

I imagined the worst and the worst didn’t come to be. I took my PC down to the Staples in Scottsbluff this morning, fully expecting to leave it there for a major cleaning. But it turned out the problem was minor, fixable while I waited, and cost me nothing. How good can that be? 

Best of all, I can insert videos and photos again. The weggieboy’s blog is whole again! Just for you, here’s Andy looking out the back door from his favorite high spot, the top of my computer.

andy back on computer

Well, not his best side, but you get to see a new photo of his just the same. Some things didn’t change during our absence. Andy on the computer is one of those things. He sometimes accidentally turns it on. Or maybe it’s on purpose: It’s one way to get a little heat!

What about Dougy? Once the small settee was taken to the landfill (thanks to naughty Dougy, who torn it to shreds using it as an “illegal” scratching post), I had a new place for the little desk and the blue carrier. Just an aside first, though. Notice the rope on the cat tree is thoroughly used. That’s Andy’s work. He’s the good boy of the two.

Back to the relocated blue carrier, one of Andy’s favorite places to perch. Here’s what I captured on camera today: dougie on blue carrier

Yes, Dougy sneaking a perch while Andy watched out the back door! Some things never change.


Post 1006: I suppose they will use google earth…

I have catheters coming out of my chest at the moment. They serve me well enough for dialysis yet they have a higher proclivity for infection than other methods of accessing my blood for cleansing. That is especially concerning since the catheter goes to my heart. Ick!

The 15th I have an appointment to get mapped. That is they will slather warm goop on my arm and use ultrasound to determine which of my arteries and veins are suitable for use in a fistula. I don’t know exactly how a fistula works but it basically helps increase the volume of blood flowing into the dialysis machine. That in turn allows for a more thorough dialysis session and less clotting. It is a good deal.

Creating the fistula is an out-patient surgical process. I suppose I will have to go to Scottsbluff for this procedure. I am pleased, though, that the surgeon will be one who put in a catheter and performed a lung biopsy on me in 2003 and 2004. He is very good.

Once the fistula is created I have to heal for several weeks before it is usable. I believe I read somewhere in all the literature handed out to me in various hospitals or dialysis centers that that wait period is six weeks. 


Dougy is trying to make up for the two months without much play by bugging me to play wand toy games with him several times a day.  Even Andy is more playful now that he knows I can be gone for long periods of time. I kind of like the “new” kitty boys. They are more talkative, more playful, more tolerant of being held. 

I still need to make an appointment for Andy to see his veterinarian. Slipping him into my dialysis and doctor’s appointment schedule is a trick. It needs to be done, though, and I hope I can work it into this week.


I will try to get my PC into the shop for fixing today. It’s been too long since that tool’s been messed up and unavailable for me. Mainly, I miss being able to upload photos and videos of the kitty brothers. I believe those of you who’ve followed this blog for a long time do, too.  


Post 1005: in which I advocate for the death penalty for people who create computer viruses and other on-line mischief…

Not really! But I do wish some people had dropped their precious bundles on their heads when they were infants or spent more time socializing their basement-dwelling trolls before they let them have access to computers.

Yes, I had to deal with a computer virus yesterday, and it was not a harmless crime. I got through it, however, so all it well for the time being. I mean, how many times do you get to talk with someone sitting in India while he tries to straighten out your mess? (And get to pay for the conversation?)


 I found an unused Neeko replacement bumblebee toy on the table. I unpacked it since the one in use is pretty well destroyed in multiple catastrophes. Andy was watching. And waiting to pounce. The little rascal caught me off guard. We had an exciting spontaneous play session.

Dougy watched from behind my shoes (which I’d taken off by the door), but mostly stayed out of the game. This is the reverse of the usual play styles of the two boys. Andy usually is the last kitty to join in the fun and Dougy generally is always “up” for play. 

I was very pleased Andy initiated play today. Perhaps he is coming out of his shell! 


I’m making a crockpot meal today. It is the first one since I got back from the hospital and therapy “vacation” I recently had. I hope I didn’t make too much because there is a limit to how many times and ways I can eat something before I start thinking about wasting the last of it. 

Post 1004: Andy and Dougy can ignore me now…

That first day back, the kitty boys couldn’t spend enough time with me. “Clingy” barely covers it! And the first night they didn’t let me get any sleep at all.

Dougy was especially  annoying, walking on me, kneading me head to foot, sticking his face and tail in my face, and generally making sure I was there again to give good skritchings.

Andy was less aggressive, though he slept on a night stand next to the bed, well within skritching distance.

Now, a bit over a week later, the boys still want to be with me at night, but Dougy’s settled down. He comes around regularly for a little attention. He just  doesn’t do it all night long. Whew!

And Andy settles for just sleeping on the night stand. If my hand gets within skritiching distance, he lets me skritch his chin and head. He makes few demands for attention, however.


It is interesting that the same port that was working so irratically in Scottsbluff is working fine in Alliance. I think the nurses at the Box Butte General Hospital dialysis unit must work smarter instead of harder. Or maybe the difference is they are handling fewer patients at a time so can give better service. Whatever it is, I am very impressed with this local dialysis unit! I had my third treatment there yesterday and it went without a hitch again.

I still haven’t worked out the problem with my PC, so, sorry but no new kitty pictures and videos are possible just yet.






Post 1003: things are a little bit normal now…

The boys returned to most of the old routines much more quickly than I expected. One they haven’t returned to is the 1:30 AM feeding schedule. Of course, I’m not encouraging them to. LOL!

I bought groceries this morning. The store has a new electric cart with shopping basket that I used. It made the task doable and fast. I was a bit concerned about all the walking I’d have to do since the store was enlarged recently. I still have to carry the groceries in once I get home, though that was easy enough.

Along with buying groceries, I made my first meals at home since getting back. That was one of the concerns of the people doing my therapy. I’ve made my own meals for years, so this was a snap. I just was a bit more careful about ingredients and ate my potassium blocker before eating, like a good boy. (In this case, the blocker is simple Tums, which I take in fruit flavors. Why not?!)

Andy and Dougy aren’t eating their wet food like I like them to. I put a supplement in the wet food that controls “eye snot”, that goopy eye thing Persians often have. Dougy gets it worst, though he cleans most of it off without help. (It isn’t as grim as hairballs, but it gets close sometimes….!)

I still haven’t resolved my PC issues or how to post new photos. I feel an expensive month coming up.